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Do Trends Matter? We Don't Think So & Here’s why

It’s really hard not to be sucked in isn’t it? We see all these wonderful new things being released every day, week, month and advice about what we should be buying. There’s a pressure to update because there’s a new thing, new colours to follow, new shapes to fall in love with, new, new, new, new.. 

Here’s some advice to keep your head above water. Trends don’t matter. They may influence us but shouldn't define our decisions. 

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Summer Project: Knitted Necklace Pattern

The weather is getting hotter! Are you ready to go for a holiday? Drinking cocktails on a sunny beach with new bikinis and bright coloured cotton jewellery! Yes, that’s right! I said cotton jewellery!

Why don’t you make your own personalised knitted necklace with me and stride into the spotlight this summer? Sounds interesting, right?

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