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Finding Your True Purpose

Finding your true purpose means finding something that really fascinates, intrigues, excites and fulfills you. Or blows your hair back, as an old, dear and very eccentric friend used to say. It’s most likely a job or career, but it could equally be a hobby or volunteer work, or travel or learning something new; in a nutshell it gives your life meaning, drive, and overall va-va-voom.

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How To Be Happy, Hint: It Takes Practice

There’s an incredible amount of cultural emphasis placed on being happy right now. It seems to be the new normal, as if it’s a fundamental right, to be pursued at the expense of all else. But the drive to be happy, and the expectation that being happy all the time is a normal achievable thing, can create a huge amount of pressure and highlight an unsatisfying contrast between the lives we have and the lives we think we would like to have.

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Pilates & Yoga - What’s The Difference?

There is still a lot of confusion between the two and the terms are used interchangeably. In social situations the statement that immediately follows when I answer Pilates teacher to “what do you do?” is, “is it like yoga?”!  It doesn’t help that in mainstream media images showing postures from Yoga are used to illustrate Pilates and vice-versa. And just to muddy the water further, I have seen "Yoga-lates” classes amongst other fusion concepts that mix the two disciplines. You can see why it is difficult to understand that the two modalities are separate and entirely different in approach and function. 

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