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How To Obtain Constructive Feedback Using Three Powerful Questions

Personal development requires honest critical feedback and the willingness to listen with an open mind. Then the courage to decide how best to act upon it. Unfortunately, it can be daunting to seek out constructive criticism. Fearing an adverse reaction, you can get locked into a loop of imagining the worst-case scenario. Often this is the reason why you might shy away from asking for feedback - especially if your prior experience has not been good.  

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Finding Your True Purpose

Finding your true purpose means finding something that really fascinates, intrigues, excites and fulfills you. Or blows your hair back, as an old, dear and very eccentric friend used to say. It’s most likely a job or career, but it could equally be a hobby or volunteer work, or travel or learning something new; in a nutshell it gives your life meaning, drive, and overall va-va-voom.

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What Do You Want In Your Career?

Many people do not know where to start when deciding on a career or making a career change. Choosing is a very difficult decision to make when you are young and can be even more difficult when you are older and may be forced into choosing a second career. So where should you start?

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