Mama Meet Ups TW


A new club for parents in Tunbridge Wells. Local mum Frankie has started a wonderful community for parents to feel less isolated in their parenting journey. We caught up with her to find out more about the meet ups

What made you want to start the group?

I always had it in my head that I never wanted to waste my maternity leave, and use it for something good (bar raising our child of course) and my days since our son Wolfe was born have been quite literally jam packed with plans most weeks with meeting friends and local mums for coffees and days out here and there, it was becoming quite expensive & maternity pay just doesn’t quite stretch that far!

I thought it would be great to arrange ‘organised events’ with other local mums who may be feeling the pinch of being out and about daily and also for those feeling a little isolated at home, hence where the idea @mamameetupstw was born!

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone!

It’s not always easy meeting new mums, especially if you haven’t done groups like NCT or hypnobirthing, whereas this is an inclusive group for anyone and everyone whatever your age, age of your children and somewhere where mums can meet mums, children can meet children, friendships can be made and share our motherhood journey with each other, whether it’s a place to have a moan about sleepless nights or the need for a glass of Prosecco after a long week!

When do you meet?

The plan currently is for there to be at least 1-2 a month, I would absolutely love to make it into a ‘thing’ where every month you have a date to look forward to, whether or not it’s the only date you have planned that month, you know you’ll have a good time and leave feeling refreshed after!

Talk to us about parenthood, Ive had a look at your personal profile and saw some posts about a first time mum and feeling really isolated which Im pretty sure we can all relate to.

I absolutely love being a Mum, it’s just the best feeling to wake up every morning and have the most beautiful gift by your side to explore with, but that isn’t to say it’s not hard work and I think sharing that journey with like minded people is what keeps me sane most days, I think most other women out there would agree, you need your mama tribe close at hand, preferably with gin and chocolate where needed too!

Plans for future meet ups?

I have some exciting ideas in the pipeline, Tunbridge Wells has some gorgeous spots I’d like to arrange brunch dates in and I’ve been speaking to a few local businesses recently who are keen to host them, picnics in the park, Id like to plan some dates with the dads involved too, trips out to local places around the local area and the one I’m looking forward to the most .. Mama nights out!

You can find out upcoming dates for events over on Frankie’s Instagram @mamaemeetupstw and her Facebook page is the same Mama Meet-ups TW.

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