PYO Flowers In Tunbridge Wells


For the second year running Pick Your Own Flowers has returned to Tunbridge Wells. This weekend we headed out to Hawkenbury to pick our own flowers with Town Flowers Tunbridge Wells. Located just off of Bayham Road they offer a huge of flowers including dahlias, alliums, zinnias and nicotiana.


So how does it work? You’re welcome to pop by to have a walk around or buy a pre cut and arranged bunch or take the plunge and pick your own. Grab a bucket and fill it for £15. The owners are incredibly friendly and helpful, they talked us through how to cut the flowers to get the most of of them, how to pop in luke warm water in a cool room for a couple of hours to make them last longer and chatted all about the growing process and the different types of they have available.

LifestyleHope Marshall