Offering Women & Children The Skills To Effectively Protect & Defend Themselves. Without The Financial Constraints.


Concerned with the rise in knife crime, hate crime and general assaults Heather set up Surge defence as a way of offering security to women and children in Kent.

“I believe that every woman and child deserves the right to learning skills and techniques to effectively protect and defend themselves. Without the financial constraints. Valuable life saving knowledge shouldn’t just be available to people who can financially afford to learn. I want to make a community where all have access. I want women and children from all backgrounds and financial statuses to come along and learn these crucial protection skills.

This is why I developed Surge Self Defence. I started by teaching 6 friends a year and a half ago. It became so successful I have since run many courses to over 150 people excluding the courses run in partnership with Mind charity. I offer women and children the chance to attend either a 10 week or 6 week self defence and groundwork course. Within this course people can learn how to get out of wrist grabs, escape being grabbed from behind, evade being pinned to a wall or floor, how to effectively and safely defend and disarm knives, what’s legal when it comes to defending ourselves, how to elbow and front kick effectively and much much more!”


What about men? What made you set up the classes aimed specifically at women and kids?

“ It’s specifically aimed at women and children because statistically they are more vulnerable. They are also a section of the community which lack most confidence when it comes to defending oneself. I am not stating at all that it’s men that always attack, or that men aren’t at risk. But women and children are more at risk. Today alone I have read three articles about one rape, one stabbing of a woman and another stabbing of a man and woman who were together. This was just in Kent.

I have taught many many men over the years, some military etc, nor am I naive to women being able to attack.

I also wanted a place where women felt empowered with each other, in a ‘we have the ability to protect ourselves’. Where they were comfortable to ask questions and discuss experiences they may have had. I’ve had many women open up about assaults, harassment, and rape. I don’t think they would have felt quite as easy opening up in a mixed environment. This is in no way a ‘men are bad’ class. I train with and teach many men in my job, and all are behind what I’m doing. I also run courses with Mind for young male teenagers.”


Every course is designed to be accessible to all women and children no matter of size, ability, fitness levels, disability, age or experience.

I believe that it is so crucial for for everyone to have access to these skills and knowledge.

Surge runs all its courses at Maidstone Community Support Centre in Marsham Street, Maidstone.

The next 10 week self defence course available starts on January 11th 2020. This course has a few spaces left. The next 10 week course will be starting in May 2020 (dates to follow).

Surge is also running a women and children safety conference on 18th April 2020. This will be a day of guest speakers ranging from psychologists, police and more. The theme for the day is how to stay safe and best ways of defending oneself. Lunch will be provided!

There will also be 5 knife seminar days, these are a one day course aimed solely at learning knife defence and protection. Dates to follow.

If you are interested in booking a place on any of the courses or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email or find us on social media”


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