Making Your Business More Money


We caught up with Jack Sales to find out how an accountant can save you money and help you make more money.

Accountants are trained professionals who frequently advise businesses growing from new enterprises to established companies. In much the same way, tax advisers offer advice to both individuals and businesses, and there is a significant cross-over between accountancy and tax advice.

So what exactly can an accountant/tax adviser do to save you money and help you make more money? 


Tax Planning

UK Tax legislation can be a maze and it can be very difficult to stay up to date with the constant changes to tax law. Thanks to specialist knowledge on a range of tax planning opportunities, accountants/tax advisers can help you make the most of these and advise on the most tax-efficient plan your business.

Accountants can also save you money both by spotting any potential pitfalls, and also simply by keeping on top of tax deadlines. While penalties for late submission of tax, VAT and PAYE returns are not excessive on their own, they all add up and ultimately this is money that would be better invested elsewhere.


Cash Flow Advice

Having control over your costs and a good bookkeeping function can help with cash flow in your business. Accountants can help you to spot trends in your incomings and outgoings, allowing you to accurately predict your finances and keep your cash flow secure and reliable.


Time Saving

Any small business owner knows how precious time can be and accountants can save your business money by saving you time. By taking responsibility for going over your books and keeping on top of tax deadlines, an accountant can help to free up your time, so you’ll have more time to invest in client relationships and the work you originally set out to do.

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