Local Help At Home - For Anyone In Need Of An Extra Pair Of Hands.

Home help is for anyone, of any age, who could do with an extra pair of hands around the home to assist with practical tasks or to provide some companionship.

If you type ‘home help’ into an online search engine you will be presented with results for care homes, domiciliary care agencies for the elderly and live-in carers for older people. The choice is limited and can be expensive.

Lindsey Nathan, Founder of Close To Hand, wanted to shake up this view and make looking for help whenever you need it, at any stage of your life, simple, flexible and affordable.

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Home help is not just for older people.

There are many reasons people look for help – whether that’s as we age, following the birth of a baby, recovering from surgery or living with chronic illness. This help may be required for a long term or just for the short term for respite or on an ad-hoc basis.

Many of us can admit to being in a situation where we’ve needed a helping hand or, at the least, we can picture a time when we’d appreciate another person around to offer assistance or an extra pair of hands.

What is Close to Hand?

Close to Hand offers something different. It is not an agency but a purely online service that offers people choice by allowing them to browse online profiles of local Home Helpers and the flexibility of sourcing their own help, as and when they require it. It is a match-making service that connects you to local people who can provide help and companionship. Close to Hand Home Helpers set their own availability and hourly rate which can be found on their individual online profiles. This is typically between £8-£12 per hour, meaning it’s an affordable and flexible option.

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When is getting a home helper a good idea?
An extra pair of hands and a listening ear can be just what you need after the birth of your baby, following hospital treatment, an operation or a fall, coming to terms with a bereavement and living with a chronic illness or disability. At times like these most people want to be in their own homes but being alone at home all day may not be practical and can feel lonely and isolating.

Your home is your safe haven, a place to relax, to unwind, to recover and recuperate. Having a home helper pop in as and when you need them can make life easier. Allowing someone else to take care of the day to day tasks until you get back on your feet can be a lifeline and can give you the independence you need to stay at home.

Home helpers can be there to cover all the practical aspects of every-day living:

  • Food shopping & meal preparation

  • Household tasks

  • Laundry & making beds

  • Help in the garden

  • Walking the dog

  • Assisting with household admin and making calls

  • Chaperone service to attend appointments or take trips out

  • Companionship

Close to Hand offers you the choice and flexibility of arranging practical help or companionship when you require it and at the same time enables local people to find flexible work with a purpose.

Register now at www.closetohand.co.uk and browse local helper profiles and make a connection today.