Even Superheroes Need Sidekicks

Your strength in business is a mixture of your knowledge, ability and skills picked up from experiences learnt along your journey. Every person has different strengths and weaknesses, often business owners struggle to determine the difference. Strengths being what you enjoy doing and do well, with weaknesses being areas that you don’t enjoy so much and often push to one side. Business owners rarely stop to identify these areas and often attempt to do everything, whereas they should only focus on their strengths. 

"I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."– Superman


Even ‘Super you’ needs help and support. It is so important to know how to use your precious time wisely. As a business owner, your priorities are normally reputation, growth and success. We often get lost in the number of tasks that need to be done to keep things ticking over, frequently leading to feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed and stretched beyond capacity. You do not need to do everything yourself, why be afraid to ask for help when it will support you and your business? Allowing you time to invest in what is most valuable. Your business needs you to have a clear head and open mind to enjoy what you do. 

If you are an exceptional salesperson, go out and sell, if you are a marketing genius, get out there and show everyone what you are made of, you may be amazingly creative but spend way too much time in the back office instead of letting your creativity flow. You can skip all the administration, social media, website updates, logistics, scheduling etc, by passing it to someone else. You could find yourself amazed by what someone else can bring to the table.


This is where a Virtual Assistant (VA) can support and assist you in finding the right balance. Learning what you do great as a business owner and what you can delegate to allow you to flourish is vital. Yes, you might save money by doing those tasks yourself but you will never get the time back.

 "If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you've got to learn to delegate."

Richard Branson. 

Do what you do best– Be clear about what you enjoy doing throughout the day. Look at what tasks take up time, free up this time by using someone with the right skills to complete these quicker for you. 

For example: Do you spend too much time going over and over social media postings? many often find that they have a great idea but spend far too much time implementing it, as it’s not their niche. So why not pass the idea on and allow someone with the right skills to create these for you?


Accept offers of help– Often you can feel that everything needs to be done by you and only you. You have the idea and you know how you want it to look. By clearly explaining what you need to a VA, you will get professional help which will save you time for those other areas, such as gaining more time for your personal life and family. Learn to ask and accept help.

Make a decision and commit yourself– Making the right commitments for you and your business could take you places you have never dreamed of. Stick to the plan, but if you need help with something that requires too much time and attention, make the commitment to delegate. Stop and pass on the projects that are time-consuming, you have other things to do which need your full attention, let the help in!

Don’t give up– It will be a struggle, especially when you are attempting tasks you know are not your forte but don’t give up! Getting help might not be in sight right now, but it can and will happen if you believe in what you can achieve. Be consistent and keep building your brand and business. 

“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.”
John C. Maxwell - American author

Written by Emma Haggart - Kent Virtual Assistant

My business is based in Tonbridge, Kent and supports individuals and small businesses with administrative and PA services. Providing the professionalism and knowledge gained from 10 years working in the city of London as an Office Manager and Executive Assistant.