Knitting For Beginners

Have you noticed everyone is doing some sort of craft on Instagram these days? Ever wanted to craft something of your own but don't know where to start? I’m thrilled to be writing for Support Local Magazine and I want to encourage you to start your own knitting journey over the next few weeks! There are lots of things you can knit, whether thats jewellery, hats and cardigans or even a cosy little jumper for a new baby… how exciting! But hold your horses (or knitting needles) as we need to discuss a few things first. 

 What is the best knitting project for absolute beginners like me?

A simple scarf is a brilliant project for beginners as it requires a simple basic knit & purl technique. Dish cloths or face scrubs are quick, easy and environment friendly projects. Just make sure that you choose a realistic project that can be finished. I wouldn't recommend a project that would require more than a knit & purl technique. 


Which yarn should I use? How do I find the right one for my project? 

Check your pattern. Most patterns suggest the material at the very beginning so that you can buy the exact same one. If your local yarn shop does not have the specific yarn from the pattern, then simply ask them what the alternative option is. The most important thing is to match the yarn weight (thickness) and fibre.


I have a pattern and yarn. What else do I need?

  1. Tape measure

  2. Small pair of sharp scissors

  3. Set of darning needles – one thick and one thin

  4. Small purse that they will go in and travel wherever you go.

These are my top picks as this was all I needed when I first started 20 odd years ago. Other tools like stitch markers or stitch holders are helpful but optional.


I don’t understand photo tutorials from knitting books. How can I learn the knitting technique at home?

YouTube is the best teacher if you don’t mind the ads. Here are a few search recommendations: ‘how to cast on’, ‘how to purl’ or ‘how to K2tog’

You can also change ‘Playback Speed’ to slower or faster. It is a perfect function for craft learners to watch videos and copy hand motions at the same time.

Here are some quick links 

-       How to cast on

-       How to knit

-       How to purl

-       How to cast off


I dropped a stitch and don’t know what to do!

Once again, there are tons of videos on Youtube. Search how to pick up a dropped stitch. Otherwise find your local yarn shop and take your project over there. Most of the shop assistants have amazing experience/skills and they are the MASTERS of knitting! I cannot guarantee but I’m sure they will be happy to help you even if you are not a shop customer, I’ve yet to come across a grumpy yarn shop owner.  Another great option is to join your local knitting meet ups, which are normally free and happy to help you in those little accidents! Knitting can bring all age groups together and it's a lovely way to meet new people with similar interests. Knitting clubs are generally held in libraries, church groups and cafes & bars so keep a lookout! Social media is full of events too!


My town has no yarn shop at all!

Visit WoolWarehouse or Lovecrafts. You can buy yarns, needles, patterns and all sorts of craft supplies. Also you can search yarn by their weight, fibre, gauge size or colours so you can customise your project with much more open options in best deal! Their blogs are super helpful with tons of fantastic tips so start to look at their websites now!

Other tips?

It’s easy to forget that nobody is perfect on their first attempt, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Ignore the flaws and carry on knitting. Your only goal is to finish a project! Finishing a project not only motivates you to embark on a new challenge but also aids in improving your skills as a crafter without you realizing.

Can you picture what you will craft for the first time? This is hot summer but good time to start your Christmas project too! Prep well and remember not to get too preoccupied with perfection as you begin. If you have any questions or want to check out where my knitting journey has taken me, please join me on Facebook or tag me on Instagram. I’d love to see a picture of your first project!

 Article By: Jamie Simpson at She Knits You Love |