Summer Project: Knitted Necklace Pattern

The weather is getting hotter! Are you ready to go for a holiday? Drinking cocktails on a sunny beach with new bikinis and bright coloured cotton jewellery! Yes, that’s right! I said cotton jewellery!

Why don’t you make your own personalised knitted necklace with me and stride into the spotlight this summer? Sounds interesting, right?

Today, I will share my popular knitted necklace pattern, which is made with Hoooked Zpagetti. It is an amazingly fun and completely recyclable t-shirt yarn. This primarily cotton yarn is brought to life using unwanted and unused fabrics from European textile manufacturers. This gives the fabric a new purpose in life instead of meeting its end in the garbage. 


So, making this necklace is an eco-friendly activity too! It is not a boring necklace but also buildable with multicolours & machine washable! Choose your own shade(s) and build up your look with a splash of colour using these statement necklaces for this summer!

So here is the material you need!

·      1 ball x Hoooked Zpagetti Yarn in your choice of colour (See this link)

·      A set of 8mm double point needles

·      4 mm crochet hook

·      Tape measure and a pair of scissors


·      Cm – centimetres

·      K – knit

·      St(s) – stitch(es)

·      Rep – Repeat


How to make

1.    Cast on – Leaving approximately 45cm tail, cast 3 sts on one needle. 

(Tip : Use 2 strands if your T-shirt yarn is thin)

2.    Row 1 – K3. DO NOT TURN THE NEEDLE. Slide 3 sts on the needle to the right end of the needle. Rep Row 1 until the work measures 20cm. By doing this, your work will be knitted in cylinder shape 

(Tip : Pull the work down gently after each row. It will straighten the work and make it easy to knit)

3.     Measure and cut the tail about 10cm longer than cast on tail. Remove the knitting needle from work piece. 

4.    Using crochet hook, thread the tail through all 3 sts twice. Gently pull the yarn to secure each round. Insert crochet hook into centre of top end. Bring it out close to tail. Wrap the tail around the hook and pull through. 

5.    Finishing – Measure and cut both tails to same length. Make a bow with two tails, adjusting the length of necklace how you want. Enjoy!


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Jamie Simpson, She Knits You Love