Do you get Feedback from your customers?


In the fourteen years I have coached businesses each of their approaches is so different for gaining feedback from their clients. A request for feedback varies so much from Corporates (which ask too often and don’t seem to take any action) to SMEs who very rarely ask. It is a shame as SMEs miss the chance for testimonials and possible referrals for the future.

After a coaching programme has finished, I always try and get feedback  from the coachee to ensure the coaching has worked for them and to see if I can learn from the experience and be a better coach for the next client I am fortunate to coach or mentor. 


Do you try and get feedback from your customers?

The following are typical questions and the answers are from a coachee that we completed the programme with last month. How can you adapt the questions to suit your company?

 What did you want to get out of coaching?

I wanted to get a better understanding of what I should be focusing my attention on and to be more effective in my role. Whilst also getting the right work life balance

Did you achieve it?

I achieved a better understanding of the areas on which I should be focusing. It also gave me a few strategies for focusing on the task in hand and the wider focus. The difficulty is always embedding that learning and putting it in place each time and every day. I feel generally more positive and have undertaken a more proactive approach to a number of items. 

What benefits have you gained from coaching?

I have a number of strategies that I now implement from the way in which I communicate more calls, less email, down to finding some time to reflect on what is needed to be done and focusing on the more value add items. 


How would you describe the process of coaching to someone who hasn’t experienced it?

It is really a matter of how much effort you want to put into it and how honest you are about how you work and perform. If you don’t open up about the issues you face, then it’s unlikely you will get as much out of the process and discussions. 

 How would you describe me as your coach?

Easy to talk to and engaging. Previous experience is always useful as it adds relevant context but also a different point of reflection. Affable andrelaxed. That assisted with making the conversation feel like less coaching and more like mentoring.

As your coach, what did I do, specifically that helped you?

The reflection on what I do well vs what I am not focussing on made a difference and coming up with thoughts around improvement. Also revisiting the goals and outcomes at the start of each conversation. 

In your opinion, what would have made me a better coach for you?

I think some specific tools, rather than discussing them perhaps having some tangible ones e.g.  business development plans. Finding this difficult as I think I got what I needed out of the sessions at each point in time. 


What 3 words would sum me up as your coach?

Approachable        Engaging      Insightful 

How would you summarise what coaching has done for you?

Coaching gave me useful points to reflect on, but also some useful points to utilise in the discussions, also helped analysis where I can add more value aligned with my management team colleagues. 

So how can you get feedback from your clients? 

  • I would suggest ask less questions than I do, 4 or 5 questions so people will complete the feedback form immediately.

  • Always thank people for their feedback

  • If something has gone wrong sort it out with you client


Remember when people complain they go and talk to many other people whilst if it is a compliment, generally, they don’t talk to many people at all!

  • If something can be improved after the feedback do something about it

Hopefully the above gives you an insight into coaching and mentoring and more importantly how can you get feedback from your customers and at the same time improve your business. If I can be of benefit please have a look at my website or contact me by emailing