Print Advertising, How To Choose The Right Publication

As a small business owner advertising budgets can be tight, or more likely non existent. So when it comes to creating a marketing plan and decided whether to pay to advertise you want to make sure you’re investing your money in the right place.

There are lots of great print publications in Kent

The choices can be overwhelming, there are also PR, Creative and advertising agencies as well as media companies that can offer support if you’re struggling to work out where to invest. Print advertising can be expensive and many businesses are sceptical about whether their advert will be seen. Which is why we’ve complied a list of things we think you should be looking for when considering print advertising to make sure you’re getting the most from your money:

  • Do they offer graphic design? Many magazines appreciate that you might not know how to design an advert so they offer in house design. There are lots of design agencies in Kent who also offer graphic design at a reasonable price

  • Free adverts and press releases. Some publications may expect press releases if the content is interesting and adds value to their readers. Free advertising is less easy to come by but might be offered in exchange for a service or skill swap or in the form of a review. For example food or entertainment reviews

  • Distribution. Where is the publication available to be picked up? Is it door dropped? What are their readership figures

  • Price. What are they offering for your money, is it just an advert or are there other perks such as social media promotion, online editorial as well as print.

If you’re considering advertising in print and would like to chat through your options why not get in touch