Spotlight On: Kim Palmer From The Clementine App

Can you give us an overview of the app, how did it start?

Five years ago I was bossing it as Head of Customer Engagement at Lonon Tech Start Up backed by Tesco. I had just got married and bought a new house and was pregnant with our first son. Sounds like I had the perfect life. But underneath that I had an always on level of anxiety. I was a workaholic, a perfectionist a people pleaser and I was obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder. I took all of my sense of value from work. Instead of slowing down when I was pregnant, I pushed forward even harder. Tried to get a promotion and took on two jobs. Something had to give. Then the incident happened. I was at a meeting with my team and an agency. It was a nothing meeting. I was sharing some work we had completed and I normally get a bit nervous with stuff like this (because I care about my work) but this meeting was different. I started to get verbal diarrhoea, couldn’t breath and had a full on panic attack. One of my colleagues took me out of the meeting. This was the moment I went from hero to zero. I felt tramautised by this. I took all of my sense of worth from work so this was utterly embarrassing and made me question everything. To cut a long story short I went on maternity leave and it just got worse and worse. I started having panic attacks all the time, in front of friends, family and so I started saying less, doing less, my world shrunk.


The return to work was a bloody nightmare because I felt so shitty about myself. I had to do something and tried talking therapy. It didn’t work. I finally found hypnotherapy. I immediately found a sense of relief and a sense of calm. I saw my therapist for about a year. To help me be ok at work which was a major source of my anxiety.

Fast forward to end of 2016. I decided to step back on the career ladder again, push forward and quickly realised that I was starting to feel anxious and stressed and this path just felt really wrong. I then did some really deep thinking, dreaming and decided now was the time to start a business. Then I quickly realised after sharing my story at work about not feeling confident all the time, my mental health and all that jazz that almost every single women I spoke to felt exactly as I did. I realised I could use all my skills in marketing, product development and insights to support them too. Clementine was born.

Clementine provides pocket therapy to help women who are feeling tired, frazzled, stressed, anxious and low. We support with pocket therapy in 4 areas - body acceptance, sleep, confidence and stress. Our therapy of choice is hypnotherapy because we believe that it is easier to access and therefore it works better when you can lean back and enjoy listening.

We now have a community of over 60k women. They love what we do, we have 4.7/5 star rating on the App Store. Have been promoted by Apple twice in the UK and the US, voted one of the seven apps every women should own by The Guardian, I was voted one of the top 100 women in Fem & Health Tech recently too.


Why women specifically?

This is easy. I feel that to create support that works it needs to be tailored to a specific group. If we included men then the words we use, some of the topics we talk about and the packaging might not be quite right for me. The devil is in the detail and we wanted it to feel very personal and relatable and that meant focussing on women. It's also have no clue about how men think so I wouldn't have been able to create the proposition. And lastly I believe strongly that women need a safe space to talk openly and with trust.


I love the new tote bags, can you tell us a bit more about them and the story behind them.

Glad you love them too. I use mine everyday and feel incredibly proud. The thinking behind creating a tote was to create something that women could wear or have with them all of the time as a reminder about owning their body as it is & learning to accept their body, again as it is. It was part of the launch of our new 'body' section of Clementine app which is dedicated solely to helping women shift their mindsets about their bodies so they no longer stopped themselves living life their way. That probably sounds a little vague but basically women told us that their negative feelings about their bodies were stopping them from having sex, exercising, wearing what they wanted, eating food without guilt and whole host more of important life activities.


Whats next on the cards? I just quit my job so that I could focus on scaling Clementine. This means simply that we need investment. But the task of securing investment won't be easy. I've also just launched my very first course to help other women create their own 'stand out business idea'. This is topic I'm so passionate about and I want to pass on all of my knowledge to help encourage more women into running their own business.

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