Why Is A Virtual Assistant The Answer For Small Businesses?

Creating a successful business is what most people dream of. Working independently or in a small group can be a tall order, it’s certainly not a regular nine to five grind, but can be a drawn out, draining and an exhausting experience making that dream a reality.

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Many entrepreneurs go into business without realising the huge amount of administration that is needed behind the scenes. Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) allows you to drive your business forward without getting lost in paperwork. Technology allows virtual assistants to work with you, completing these often substantial workloads for you while you can concentrate on what you enjoy doing, being creative and driving your business forward. 

It is really easy for businesses (especially those that have just started) to get overwhelmed with the ever growing to-do-list; many find that they have to neglect other duties in order to prioritise administration tasks. Virtual assistants are known to be a massive support to business owners and can significantly help increase production and revenue.

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It is a very common misconception that virtual assistants are a luxury often used by larger corporate companies. Actually, it is very much the opposite! Virtual assistants usually are to be found helping small and medium-size businesses, freeing up time for the owners. 

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Often a business may believe that an employed assistant will get the job done more efficiently and quickly as they are in-house and under direct control, however, there can be more reasons why a virtual assistant can be a better option:

1)    It can be tough finding an employed assistant that has the right skills and qualifications needed when you are working on a tight budget. There are recruitment costs and maybe the need for additional training. A virtual assistant is likely to have worked in the industry for years and is a professional in their field and might be readily available.

2)    In-house employees cost more than just a salary and national insurance. There is the need for additional office space, phones, computers, insurance plus the constant training, annual and sick leave, None of these are applicable with a virtual assistant. All you pay for is an all inclusive hourly rate.

3)     An employee becomes a set cost on your overheads whereas you only use a virtual assistant as and when needed.

If any of the above apply to you then it may be worth thinking about a virtual assistant to support you and your business. The portfolio of virtual assistants is growing rapidly with many specialising in specific areas such as general administration, personal assistance, medical and law for example. 

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If you are considering a virtual assistant create a list of pressing issues and tasks that you can delegate – for example; quicker email response, diary management, event bookings, logistics, respond to customer feedback, follow up with customers, print business cards, handle everyday tasks, social media. The list can be endless. 

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Written by Emma Haggart - Kent Virtual Assistant

My business is based in Tonbridge, Kent and supports individuals and small businesses with administrative and PA services. Providing the professionalism and knowledge gained from 10 years working in the city of London as an Office Manager and Executive Assistant. 

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