Five Things To Say To Pregnant Women, Instead Of Commenting On Their Size

Let me paint the scene, your best friend, mum, sister maybe your wife, who you love, respect and cherish gains a couple of pounds and it’s pretty noticeable. Would you mention it to them? “Jesus Susan! Hand in the cookie tin again!?” Do we honestly believe that telling them this would make them feel good? Of course not! I don’t think many people would openly comment if their loved ones gained a few pounds after Christmas or stopped hitting them gym as often over the Summer.

So why then is it ok, at a time where women are already seeing their bodies change massively and probably feeling a little self conscious about the baby bump that no longer fits into any of their clothes, that we comment on how “big” they are getting?!

Over the last couple of week I’ve reached my third trimester in my second pregnancy, and oh boy am I feeling it this time round. Running two businesses, working 45 hour weeks with nine hours childcare and growing a human aint easy my friend!

So a little frazzled, very tired and a bit emotional the last thing I want to hear is how ‘big' I am. Women don’t want to be asked if they are “sure they aren’t having twins” (eyes roll into back of head) or “oh wow you’ve got quite a long way to go, you’re already so big!” Just as I’m sure your own feelings would be hurt if someone commented on your size, we don’t suddenly become less offended because we’re pregnant and for some odd reason it’s become acceptable to now comment on the size of a woman stomach?!

It’s no wonder you are now able to buy flat stomach tea for pregnant women, or pregnancy tummy fat loss pills. This is terrifying that women feel they need these products when carrying a baby. We are conditioning women to believe there is something wrong with the way they look with a human being growing inside of them. Ladies you are beautiful.

So the next time you see a pregnant woman here are five things you can say to them to lift them up instead of bringing them down. After all it is a human being in their not a ten dozen donughts, (well, maybe a bit of both) so lets support women at a time when they need it most:

  1. You look beautiful. My husband has said this to me so many times since becoming pregnant. Whether he knows I need to hear it or genuinely means it, I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to be seen as a person not just a baby carrying waddling machine.

  2. You’re doing an amazing job. Growing a human is hard work. I read an article the other day that said pregnancy pushes our bodies to the ultimate level of endurance, that of an elite athlete. It may not be a conscious task growing a baby but it’s hard work and being recognised for that feels great

  3. I’m here for you. Feeling supported is the greatest gift you could give.

  4. Can I help you put on your shoes. YES!!!!!

  5. You’ve got this. Sometime we all need a little reminder of just how capable we are. Build women up and remind them that they’ve got this.