Reiki & Spiritual Connection

So, you don't feel like anything is wrong. Life is pretty sweet. You have always been drawn to Reiki but not really felt a good enough reason to try it. We know Reiki has many benefits such as reducing anxiety, aiding sleep, deep relaxation, physical  comfort, emotional release but  the biggie for me is “spiritual connection”.


 As human beings we crave connection. Connection to others, a belonging and the sense of security we get from that. Spiritual connection is the feeling we seek that makes us feel whole. It is relationship between ourselves and “the invisible”. It reduces depression and loneliness and fulfils our soul. It is being at the party of something bigger than ourselves, something unexplainable, something experienced but on another level, something we have faith in. It is something accessed on our deeper levels, with energy healing as the facilitator.

So many people who visit a Reiki practitioner do so not because they are ill at ease, or suffering a great trauma but to connect to something bigger than themselves.


For a reasonable amount of time you are lieing with yourself, and some people find this uncomfortable, the act of surrender and others give them selves fully.

For these people reiki is a pilgrimage, a voyage of self discovery. What will I experience this time? Where will my mind wander? What emotion will bubble up for me?

5 reasons Reiki can benefit those seeking a spiritual connection

  1.  Physical touch calms down the neurophysiology of stress and deactivates stress related areas of the brain.

  2. Spirituality provides a frame work or guideline to begin giving guidance

  3. Reiki is a space in which physical, emotional and mental healing takes place- this then gives the spirit room to re-connect

  4. Spiritual healing is about looking at the bigger picture and asking questions about life.

  5. The session can allow people access in to past lives and memories which they may not have been able to connect to before.


 "written by Tera-mai™ Reiki master Dorothy Winter.

She eight years experience of working with energy. She has practiced with Usui Reiki before converting to Tera-mai™ Reiki.

Tera-mai™ Reiki is a stronger, purer energy frequency which works with predominately clearing energy.

It clears karmic clutter, cuts cords and rebalance the energy system.

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