Children & Reiki

The best thing anyone ever said to me was that our children choose us.

I now say it to people who feel undeserving of their children. It is comforting to think they pick their mothers out of all the souls they had on offer.

 Our children absorb energy, just like we do. More so they are absorbing and processing life at a far greater speed than ever before.

They pick up on us too, if we are having a tough week, feeling depressed or anxious, they they will mimic these emotions, feelings and energetically respond to them. Not always aware of why they themselves feel that way.


Little people are exposed much earlier to the modern world and all its conflicts, traumas and social media. Much of the adult generation themselves are unschooled on how to respond.

Why has my daughter started having stomach aches?

Why does my son feel tired all the time?

Why don't they want to go to school?

Why are they angry? 

All these physical, emotional and mental issues can easily be linked to energy. Too much stored and to much to handle.


This is why Reiki is so powerful.

It has the ability to remove energy stuck in the human energy field and on the body. Feeing the space surrounding the body. It also brings deep peace and spiritual connection.

Kids are so energy smart. Every child I have treated responds well to it, the energy I channel myself is tactile and loving. I always say to treat both child and parent, as the link between the two is entwined.

 If your child is anxious, harbouring emotions that they cant quite explain or feeling ill all the time, give Reiki a go and see how it brings peace and empowerment to you and your children's lives.


"written by Tera-mai™ Reiki master Dorothy Winter.

She eight years experience of working with energy. She has practiced with Usui Reiki before converting to Tera-mai™ Reiki.

Tera-mai™ Reiki is a stronger, purer energy frequency which works with predominately clearing energy.

It clears karmic clutter, cuts cords and rebalance the energy system.

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