Facial Aesthetics

Injectable Aesthetic procedures are growing ever more popular. This increase in demand for such treatments as injection of dermal fillers and anti wrinkle treatments has seen these procedures becoming readily available on the high street. The aesthetic industry is currently largely unregulated, despite some of the available procedures being invasive and carrying serious risks. Many patients may not be aware of the potential dangers of such treatments. For this reason, you should always ensure you are satisfied with the credentials of your injector. 

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Popular treatments 

Anti wrinkle treatments with Botulinum Toxin. “Botox” is a well know brand name of this product. The toxin is produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. It has been adapted and used with FDA approval for some aesthetic indications since 2002, it had been used for far longer for other medical conditions.

It works by temporarily blocking the neuromuscular transmission of a target muscle causing the muscle to relax. This results in a smoothing of the overlying skin, softening of eliminating wrinkles. The injections are given with a very fine needle and usually it is almost painless. The most common areas to treat include forehead wrinkles, crows feet lines and frown lines.

You may start to see the effects of treatment after as little as 4 days, and the full effects are usually seen after 2 weeks. These effects can last around 3 months.


Unwanted side effects are usually minimal and can be mild such as headache, bruising and redness near the treated areas. If the solution if placed incorrectly or affects undesired muscles it can cause facial muscle weakness, drooping eyelids and crooked smiles.

Dermal filler injections are used to replace lost volume in the face, augmenting areas such as cheeks and lips, they are also used to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Many products on the market now are Hyaluronic acid based. This is found naturally in the body and is degraded by the body also. The products are placed using a fine needle and results can be seen immediately. If placed well, results can be natural and almost undetectable.

After treatment with dermal fillers there is often some swelling and redness which may last a few days, bruising is also not uncommon. The main risk associated with these kinds of treatments are rare but severe. These can include scarring, granuloma formation and most severely, vascular occlusion or blindness. This occurs where a blood vessel becomes inadvertently blocked by the filler product, this interrupts the blood supply to the area and if not treated appropriately and quickly can cause death and ulceration to the overlying skin. Thankfully such complications are rare, but patients should be aware of them and also be sure their practitioner is able to spot the signs and be able to treat them as required.


Botulinum toxin products are a prescription-only medicine, but unfortunately some products are available to buy on the internet by anyone. When choosing a practitioner, patients should satisfy themselves that the injector has had appropriate training and experience. Many reputable training companies will only provide training for healthcare professionals, registered doctors, dentists and nurses for example. These professionals will be registered with their governing bodies and hold appropriate insurance for carrying out such procedures. Patients should expect a consultation prior to treatment, to be fully informed of their treatment options, including the risks and benefits of any such procedures. There should also be follow up care provided.

 With all of this is mind, there are millions of people being treated safely and professionally receiving excellent aesthetic care. You would probably be surprised how many people you know who have had an aesthetic treatment performed! It is no longer a taboo topic and people are seeing it as part of their anti-aging regimen along with skin care and facials. When performed well the results are natural and enhance what you already have!

At Andrew house Dental Practice, we have highly trained professionals delivering your treatment. Dr Walshe is currently working at both Guys hospital and here in Tonbridge and you can be sure you are in safe hands. 

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