Love Your Labels Lock In

The Love Your Labels Lock-in event saw it’s sixth turn out this year with hundreds of designer labels and high end clothing pieces filling the rails, just waiting for shoppers to snap up a bargain.

The event primarily aims to generate income needed to support local patients, carers and families as well as demonstrating that the Hospice shops have amazing items which appeal to younger audiences. “There’s no need for these demographics to be put off by the stigma around charity shops!”

The night offered help exclusively from personal stylist, Lynne Meek of Styling Matters who shared her coveted style secrets with their eager shoppers.

“Lynne Meek has been instrumental working with the Hospice’s Retail team to grow the event and illustrate the quality of items you can find in charity shops. We really enjoy working with Lynne and she’s a fantastic advocate for the Hospice.”

The night saw over a hundred and fifty shoppers, most leaving with lots of amazing items to update their wardrobes. The event is held annually in spring each year just in time for the seasonal changeover. It has grown rapidly over the past four years and now is a real date in the diary.

Pure Collection and Fenwicks donated items in support of the event and shoppers walked away with not one but two goodie bags! An event not to be missed in years to come.

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