How To Set Goals With Impact

For anyone with a corporate background or even remembering this from school lessons; SMART goals were all the rage in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Well move over SMART and hello IMPACT!

In business when we set goals or outcomes, it needs to be much more than just a target to achieve, much more than a task to be completed.  By being fully attached to the outcome, to own them, you will achieve success at a much deeper level. 

I like to work with my clients to raise target energy around outcomes so that they feel inspired and motivated to achieve and it’s all the more sweeter when they get there. 

Think about what you want to achieve in your business this year, or if you don’t have your own business, what do you want to achieve personally, in your family, in your career.   It needs to be challenging yet achievable, you don’t want to make it too easy, it needs to stretch you.

Historically people have worked towards SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed) but move aside SMART, it’s time to set goals with intention and with IMPACT.  When it comes to setting goals and outcomes you need to do so with a strong intention. 

It’s time to get attached to your goal; find some time to yourself to sit with your goal.  Take a deep breath and breath into how it will feel to achieve that goal. By spending time thinking about reaching your goal, what this feels like, what this allows you to do, it allows you to visualise already having fulfilled your goals and the difference it makes to your business/life.

By taking this approach, with an inspiring and visionary start to the goal setting process, it will motivateyou to think big when it comes to your goals and to believe in yourself. Yes, you can do this!  The more emotionally attached you are the more chance you have of achieving success. 

“Focus on what you want to achieve, and not on what you want to avoid.” Zamora

So what is setting goals with IMPACT:

•   Inspirational- being emotionally attached to reaching the outcome.  You want to feel truly inspired to reach your goal, and want to experience the benefits of change and what this could mean for you and your business.  By having an inspirational outcome, it keeps you focused on the bigger picture during tough days and busy weeks. 

•   Measurable- this one is still there because we need to have a clear measure in your outcome.  By having a measurable outcome it means you can keep the end in sight and see how you are progressing. Having a strong connection and sense of achievement means that you are more emotionally attached to the outcome and by measuring you can see how far you need to go to ensure completion.

•   Positive- this is the juicy part.  Creating a positive outcome is so much more motivating than having a negative goal.  Think about those New Year Resolutions of “giving something up” or “stopping x,y,z”. Instead, taking a positive approach to a goal allows you to focus on creating new and possibly challenging habits and behaviours with the right attitude and with a level of excitement, again being strongly connected to the overall vision. 

•   Achievable- the goal must be achievable - at a push. Step outside your comfort zone and stretch to achieve what you want to achieve. Allow space for the power of intention and the law of attraction to intervene  - by setting an achievable but challenging goal - it will inspire you to take action.

•   Challenging- you should feel excited about the level of challenge in hitting your goal and maybe even a little scared.  It’s the role of a coach to help you push past your fears and face the challenge.  By having emotional attachment to your goal, you can geel the challenge.  Whether in the pit of your stomach or a buzz in your heart - there is an excitement and an energy to a challenge and you’ve got this!

•   Timed- set a clear ‘finish by’ date to strengthen your focus and keep motivation levels hight.  If an outcome has too long a time scale, you will have no sense of urgency.  This is your big goal, therefore you need to prioritise this task over any other.   

Rachel Letham is a successful business and career coach based in Kent and Sussex. She works with clients to share the tools they need to lead more fulfilling lives and careers. Rachel helps clients build their a positive mindset for success, gaining clarity in their direction and purpose in business and their careers.