A Morning At The Meek Boutique

A couple of weeks back I spent the morning with personal stylist Lynne Meek, looking around her styling room and chatting about her new online shop ‘The Meek Boutique’

Having worked as a personal stylist since 2010 Lynne launched the Meek Boutique eight months ago after realising her influencer potential on social media. “Ive worked with quite a few big brands promoting their products online, it was only when I sat back and looked at the money I was making for these companies that I realised the influence I had on my audiences buying patterns. Having worked as a personal stylist for some time I was beginning to find that there are only so many hours in a day I can offer consultations, shopping trips and wardrobe detoxes. I wanted to expand my offering and it all came about at a time when my husband was considering a different career path aswell. It seemed like the perfect time to join forces and build a business we could both work on together”

The first thing I noticed about the clothes in the Meek Boutique was how comfortable they all are “Yes this is something that is very important to me when choosing items. I want people to feel comfortable, back in my twenties I didn’t care about wearing platforms I could barely walk in but soon after I realised I could still look good and feel great in clothes without being uncomfortable” Most of the clothes in the boutique have elastine in. Even the denim jackets aren’t stiff, they stretch and move with you. After having a look through some of the clothes online, Lynne kindly picked out an outfit for me to try on myself. At five months pregnant I was unsure how much I’d be able to squeeze into, given Lynne’s enviable slender figure! However I was pleasantly suprised. The skirt had an elastic waist band and the T shirts was a loose fit, teamed with a fitted denim jacket left open to allow room for my bump I was felt confident in clothes that fitted nicely in places where the baby wasn’t occupying so much room!


Lynne is now taking orders from all over the world, she is working closely with women of all different shapes and sizes showing how versatile her clothes are. The meek boutique is currently only available to purchase online with no currently plans to open a physical store, however her styling room is available for private consultations with booking in advance. To find out more or to shop click here

StyleHope Marshall