Three Tips For Relaxed Wedding Day Photos

1. Schedule Strategically

Your ceremony time will direct how the day will lead. If it’s easy, great, you can do your photos in between that and cocktail hour, but if your ceremony flows into your cocktails, well, you should probably consider a first look. My goal? To have everyone present for as much of cocktail hour as possible. Why? You’re paying for it, so you might as well enjoy it! It’s one of the only times you get to greet and be present with your guests. Work with your photographer, find out how long they need for certain things, schedule in travel time, and add a little cushion! 


2. Communicate Clearly

Need your grandma to be at the church early? Want your wedding party to hang around after the ceremony? Need your uni mates ready for a shot during cocktail hour? Tell them! Make sure you communicate the schedule clearly and that everyone who needs a copy has it. This helps us not waste time tracking Uncle Jim down or grabbing John from the bar. Photos move much faster, and when that happens you get to your party sooner and you’re less stressed, I promise. 


3.  Just Be Present

Wait, what? You don’t believe them when everyone tells you that a wedding day is a total whirlwind? Well, it is. Take moments where you stop, hold each other’s hands, and intentionally take in the moment. When I shoot portraits I tell my clients, “This isn’t just time for photos, this is a time for you to be fully present. To hug each other and feel the warmth, to look into each other’s eyes and lock that memory, Throughout the day, set aside little breaks in your schedule where you can pull away from the party and just simply “be.” You won’t regret that time, I promise!