The benefits of Small Group Learning

We caught up with the Right Tuition Company to find out their top five reasons you should consider Small-Group Learning over One-to-One Tuition.

1. A tried and tested, systematic, weekly syllabus. RTC’s courses are structured in a methodical way, ensuring the achievement of two, inter-linked goals. First, children receive a balanced, yet comprehensive, approach towards the wide variety of topics that need to be covered. Second, the careful structuring of classes provides a calm, well-managed plan of action towards each child’s future progress.


2. Exclusive learning materials, never seen before! These materials are revised and updated constantly, in order to accommodate the ever-changing demands of the national curriculum. Our resources are developed by RTC’s industry experts, affording RTC pupils a unique benefit over others.

3. A free, formal academic assessment. Within supplementary learning, it is vital to take that all-important first step of an academic assessment. Every child is different, possessing their own respective strengths and areas for improvement. This structured assessment is that essential learning tool that enables an informed approach towards each child realising their full potential.

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4. A dynamic and fun, teacher-led learning environment. Learning is a sensory experience. Children learn best when they are engaged in a fun and academically-stimulating environment. The small group dynamic galvanises children into action; inspired by a charismatic teacher and buoyed-along by their peers.

5. Qualified and accountable educational support. RTC is an Ofsted registered organisation and can, therefore, accept Childcare Vouchers as payment. We actively encourage parents to request free consultations to discuss their child’s progress. Whilst children receive expert academic instruction through the classes provided, both parents and children alike benefit from an enveloping umbrella of support and guidance, each and every step of the way.


6. A premium service at an affordable rate. The RTC model is built upon three, absolute guarantees; small class sizes (never larger than eight), the thorough and rigorous marking of work and comprehensive feedback after each class. With over 90% of our pupil intake coming from state-sector education, we are proud to offer a premium education that is accessible to the many.  

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