Inspirational Women In Business

Introducing our three inspirational women in business! each with a truly inspirational story.


Sabine Hope
When I introduce myself as a Health and Cancer Coach most people reply: ‘a what’? A Health and Cancer Coach, let me start a bit further in the past. Health and Well-being was my passion and interest ever since I was a teenager and I thought I was very healthy until three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Disbelief, anger and resentment as well as treatment followed but also a deep search into this disease and a wished to understand as much as I could to have the best chances to survive. After a while I noticed that I was not just surviving but thriving and feeling better physically and emotionally than ever before. 

I formalised my research with a certification in Health and Life Coaching as well as a certification in Cancer Coaching. Now, I accompany women with breast cancer on their journey following diagnosis, during or after treatment to get to a place where they can feel their Best and find a ‘new normal’ that is beyond and above putting up with being a ‘survivor’. 

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Nicola Budd 
Two and a half years ago, I was working as an Editor in London when I found myself crying in a stairwell.  You don’t just spontaneously have a break down and many events led up to mine. I decided that to get out I would train to be a teacher, but I found that I had to give everything to those children and I couldn’t give up my mental health, I’d learned its value.

When we moved out of London to the beautiful Surrey countryside, it gave me a chance for a new start. I decided to build my own business with a strict zero waste policy: Howell Illustration. 

Now, six months on and slowly growing, I have learned a lot. I have had to learn to do things I had (and still have) no clue how to do, and I have been so far out of my comfort zone I thought I’d never get back into it. 

Despite this, I have never once regretted starting Howell Illustration; it may be seriously hard work, and I may be unsure still some days, but it means freedom from what once held me back.

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Alice Scutchey 

Leaving school at 16, I went straight into full time employment as a factory receptionist. Working my way up to a position in finance for the London head office, I now work for a major UK investment bank as a Senior EA. 8 years ago, at 21, I suffered from an acute onset of depression and anxiety developed from an eating disorder at age 15. 

Struggling to cope with everyday tasks, I was prescribed a course of medication and attended weekly counselling sessions. I then found various ways of dealing with the issues  myself through charity work, fitness and volunteering. In 2016, I took up an Ultra White Collar Boxing Challenge, raising over £4,000 for Cancer Research and most recently, completed the Brighton Marathon for the ROHHAD Association. You can follow my journey through my online blog/Instagram page ‘Mama To Runner’

I’m now married with sons Luca, 3 and Milo 10 months and managing two businesses alongside my role in London. This February saw the launch of The Canary Wharf PA Club ( where through training sessions and free networking events, my goal is to help other admin professionals grow, develop their skills and reach their full potential. I have been nominated for various PA awards and quite often speak at industry events. In the coming months, I am looking to launch Women in Business lunches in Kent for like-minded professional women to share experiences and advice.