Book Club Review: An Unremarkable Body 

We caught up with Andrea Roberts from ‘Reading between the wines’ an all women book club in Tunbridge Wells, to hear about what  she’s been reading and her thoughts on her top pick for this issue. 

An Unremarkable Body  By Elisa Lodato

Lodato’s debut novel ‘An Unremarkable Body’ is about a daughter who rails against this term ‘unremarkable’, a clinical generalisation that litters her mother’s post-mortem report but serves to dismiss the true story of her mother’s life after she finds her dead at the bottom of the stairs.

What emerges are a series of stories in which Laura attempts to discover how and why her mother died, as well as make sense of her own grief, by piecing her mother’s body back together. In doing so, she is forced to confront a woman silenced by her own mother and let down by her husband. She discovers that her Mother- Katherine felt shackled by motherhood and was unable to love freely. As the story unfolds, Laura comes to see her mother not only as the woman who raised her, but a human being in her own right, capable of great love and great heartache.

Lodato ought to be highly praised for her unique narrative. She manages to construct a book that is both thrilling and tender. I personally was gripped by this tale. This book was enjoyable for most but it is infused with great sadness. If you are looking for a light-hearted read then this certainly isn’t one! However it is a novel that sets itself apart from the norm.