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Better sleep, improved weight loss, healthier mind and body; Supplements and their benefits are the lesser talked about ingredient for a balanced lifestyle. But where do you start? Here are three Science-Based Supplements Bruno Dallendone recommends  everyone over 30 should take 

  • Creatine Monohydrate: Dose: 5g per day with food. Associated by most with going to the gym, CM plays a far more important role in the body aside from helping you lift heavier weights. Research has found: Significant increase in working memory and intelligence. Less decline in performance after sleep deprivation. Better functional performance (daily tasks) in older adults

  • Fish Oils: Dose: around 3000mg – 5000mg per day. Adequate dosage of Fish Oils has been associated with: Helping with weight loss. Helping with high blood pressure. Helping with high blood lipids. Potential prevention of stroke. Helping with arrhythmic heart rate. Improvement in depression. Not all fish oils are the same, buy a good quality one that is high in EPA and DHA, and make sure it comes in a dark bottle. Capsules that have been exposed to sunlight (even through a clear plastic bottle) can go rancid and lose their efficacy.

  • Vitamin D: Dose: 1500IU – 5000IU per day. The importance of Vitamin D can’t be over stated! Particularly in the UK, where the weather is so hit and miss. We need the sunlight to be at the right angle, at the right intensity, with no sun block lotion and several other factors for our skin to be able to effectively synthesise Vitamin D. It is also very hard to eat enough of it. Vitamin D has been associated with: Potential help in weight loss. Improved immune system. Improved bone health. Reducing depressive symptoms. Potential increase in strength. You can get good quality supplements on Amazon or health stores.  *Note on Vitamin D,  darker skinned individuals will need more than fairer individuals.

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