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Founded by  husband and wife team, Mustafa and Natalie Hassan in 2010, The Studio is a boutique hair salon in the heart of Tunbridge Wells. Lead by Mustafa’s passion for hairdressing and created with Natalie’s love of design, The Studio is a truly unique and welcoming salon, where time is taken to get to know you, providing a tailored and individual hairdressing experience. We talk to Mustafa about how it all came to be...

At the start I was fascinated by the craft of hairdressing, the creative and sociable side really appealed to me. I decided that if I was going to be a hairdresser I wanted to be the best I could be. I went to the Vidal Sassoon Academy London, which gave me the discipline and knowledge to really perfect my craft as well as a great foundation to my hairdressing career.


What made you decide to open your own salon? From the start I was aware that being a hairdresser wasn’t just a job, but a part of my identity. I fell in love with the craft of hairdressing. As I progressed within some of the most exclusive salons within London it became clear that although I loved being at the very peak of the industry, I knew I had to open a salon of my own and develop my own brand and style.

Why Tunbridge Wells?  I found it was a great balance here, providing a more relaxed lifestyle, but with the close proximity to London if I wanted that buzz and creative inspiration. We were overwhelmed with the amazing response we had when we opened. People really appreciated that we were a small, independent business that was passionate about making their mark in town. 

What’s different about The Studio? We wanted to provide the quality and creative edge of a London salon, but with a relaxed and personal touch. It is really important to us that our clients love coming to The Studio every time, that we make sure we are consistent with our work and our values are upheld. We have amazing relationships with our clients and I think that’s due to being a salon that cares.


What would you say are your five key points that makes your salon successful? Knowledge: Education is key, we never stop learning here at The Studio. We train our team in house as well as attending creative courses in London - knowledge gives us the confidence to express ourselves and create beautiful results. 

Communication: You need to know and understand your clients to truly create an individual style that also suits their lifestyle, which is why each appointment begins with an in-depth consultation, making sure our clients feel comfortable and confident. 

Creativity: We stay inspired with regular hair shows, competitions and photo shoots where our team get to push creative boundaries and challenge themselves. This all feeds back into our daily work at The Studio.

Passion: I know I’m as passionate now as I was 18 years ago when I started my career. We are just as passionate about how we run The Studio and the relationships we create within that space.

Environment: The right look and feel to your salon makes such an impact. We work best in environments that we feel connected to, with bespoke features and attention to detail we wanted The Studio to feel unique, somewhere we and our clients love to spend our time.


What can’t you do without at The Studio? My scissors, my talented team and our salon dog Evie! 

Spring at The Studio! 

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