Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Home Organised

  • One in – one out rule – this is a very simple, yet very effective rule which works well in our home. Every time you buy something, donate / bin one thing so you never increase the amount of stuff you already have in your house. So if you but a T-shirt, you should try and donate another one which you no longer like or use. So if you buy a new 6-pack of socks, bin 6 old pairs of socks! One in – one out. Simple as that! Give it a go! And remember, your house should be your home and not a storage container!

  • Set your timer for 10 min and go go go– I am a firm believer that small baby steps can take us further than a quick sprint after which we are exhausted and ready to give up. Decluttering Marie Kondo style is great if you have time and determination to tackle things in one go, which can often take a long time. But lets face it – how many of us have that much spare time with all the workload already on our plates?! So unless you can hire a professional decluttering coach or an organisational expert to help you deal with the clutter, a quick 10-min a day can be great as it’s not long yet it can be very effective because you can see the fruit of your work right away which will motivate you to do another 10min the next day again. And slowly but surely, you will transform your home.

  • The three box method– Always keep a bin / donate / keep box handy so you can fill them up as you go. If you are getting dressed in the morning and come across the dress you no longer fit / like, don’t put it back in your wardrobe but right away put it in your ‘donate’ box ready for a charity shop once it’s full. For times when you are clearing one area of your home and you find something which doesn’t belong there, put it in your ‘keep’ box and once it’s full, just walk around the house and put things away where they belong. And the same goes for the ‘bin’ box. I find much easier to put things for recycling in my ‘bin’ box as I find them, especially things like old batteries, light bulbs and items which are for bin but can be recycled and once it’s full, I take a trip to the recycling centre. Without the box there, I could easily slip into – ‘Ah, it’s just one battery, I will just bin it, can’t be bothered to recycle it!’. I find that we recycle much more this way. 

  • One-touch habit– I especially like to apply this to our mail and any paperwork we receive. I try to eliminate the incoming paperwork as much as possible but for things which still do come in, I straight away put in our recycling box things which are not needed and can be recycled; the rest is either put in a tray basket to act upon or is filed for future reference. I find that any paperwork which is not dealt with right away can easily create a clutter mountain in no time at all which can be a daunting task to deal with so I rather tackle a few papers at the time to prevent it!

  • A ‘MAYBE’ box– This is a box where you put things which you are not ready to depart with for one reason or the other. Box it up, hide it away (to the loft or under your bed) and put a reminder in your phone to deal with the box in 6 months’ time. If you find that you do need something from the box before then, just simply take it out but if you haven’t missed things from the box in 6 months, it’s highly likely you won’t need any of it in the future either. In that case, don’t even be tempted to open the box – it’s a clear sign you didn’t miss your items and they can be donated / binned.   

“We don’t need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it.” – Donald Horban

 Written by Daniela Hughes Francisty

Daniela is the owner of iOrganise – Professional Decluttering & Organising by Daniela. Asa declutter coach and an organising expert, she is on mission to help people clear out clutter and regain control over their living spaces. Based in Tonbridge, she helps people simplify their lives and create order in their homes, in order to achieve the end goal of a calm, functional home and a focused mind. For more info:


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