A Step By Step Guide To Creating A Vision Board

Vision Boards can be a great way to really focus on what you want to achieve in life, intentions you want to set and goals you want to reach.  However you do need to put some work into making them really work for you; it’s not something to do once, never look at again and file away in a drawer. 

Vision Boards and the work that goes into them can help you cultivate a positive mindset, something I work on regularly with my clients. Let your Vision Board serve as a daily reminder and a guide to working towards your goal; they are a great way to help you visualise your dream life every day. I’m not talking about putting up pictures of yachts and fast cars, designer handbags and a beach holiday on a piece of paper and thinking the this is going too come your way.  Vision Boards is a tool to help you cultivate a positive mindset, to set intention and to help you live your life with purpose to achieve goals, it doesn’t happen without the hard work I’m afraid.

This is your guide to creating a vision board with intention and purpose; no aimless cutting and sticking going on here! 

Setting goals - first of all you need to have a list of goals that you want to accomplish this year.  By having these front and centre it can help you build a Vision Board to support them.  Take some time to think about your goals for work or your business, for your home, relationships, travel, holidays - everything you want to achieve this year and beyond.

Feel your goals - I recommend thinking about your goals. not just as nice visions of what you want to have but how do you want to feel when you achieve these visions and goals. You want to feel excited and pumped up every time you see this board and get to a point of looking at it every day so that you can see it in your head when you close your eyes at night. 

Get Creative  - From old magazines, Pinterest, quotes you like and Instagram feeds; find photos, graphics and words that represent your goals and vision and get creative.  I recommend cutting out all your images and photos first and having them all in front of you before any glueing to a board occurs; you will have lots in front of you and some may become more important than others.  Don’t forget to grab inspiring words, you might want to cut up titles in magazine articles, or break down phrases by picking a few key words that resonate with you.  Stick them down onto a large piece of card, something that is good quality so that it will stand the test of time.

Think about your vision literally and laterally - The image you choose to represent what you want to achieve doesn't have to be the exact thing in the picture but what it means to you.  For example, I have a drinks trolley on mine - not because I want that exact drinks trolley, but because I want people to come to my house and for me to host them and be the 'hostess with the mostest' and feel that people have had a good time!

Section it off - Think about breaking your Vision Board into sections to make it clearer and easier to digest on a daily basis. Section your board into business, home, holidays, self (or self care) or do one for each!- 

Look at your board every day - Don’t hide the boards away.  You need to see them every day, to look at them, feel part of them, truly focus on what you want to achieve.  Put them somewhere in your house where you will see them every day to remind yourself of what you’re working towards and to help you stay focused. 

Vision Boards can be really fun things to work on in a group.  There’s nothing better than a group of friends getting together with a bundle of magazines, a glass of wine or a cup of tea and raising the energy levels across the group with a fun vision board class.  

Rachel Letham is a successful business and career coach based in Kent and Sussex. She works with clients to share the tools they need to lead more fulfilling lives and careers. Rachel helps clients build their a positive mindset for success, gaining clarity in their direction and purpose in business and their careers. Rachel holds Vision Board classes on a individual and group basis - email her rachel@rachelletham.comto book a fun Vision Board party for you and your friends.