Book Club Review

We caught up with Andrea Roberts from ‘Reading between the wines’ an all women book club in Tunbridge Wells, to hear about what  she’s been reading and her thoughts on her top pick for this issue. 

The Keeper of Lost Things 

By Ruth Hogan

This charming best-seller and debut comes from a relatively new voice in fiction- Ruth Hogan who was inspired by a series of life changing events (she bravely escaped the rat race to pursue her love of writing, had a life changing car accident in her 30s and astonishingly wrote this book whilst receiving chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012) and a train journey, when an idea for a story came to her.

It is a double stranded story that tells the story of Anthony Peardew- a once successful author who has spent half his life collecting lost objects trying to atone for a broken promise many years before. Realising that he is running out of time, he leaves his home and all his lost treasures to his assistant Laura who in the hope she will do her best to reunite the lost items with their owners. Having suffered some major setbacks in life and being rather ‘lost’ herself, Laura finds a new sense of purpose as she commits herself to reuniting the lost items with their owners. The second strand of the novel tells the story of a man fondly known as ‘Bomber’, whose ashes are left on a train by Eunice, his close companion and colleague on her way to Brighton and become part of Peardew’s eclectic collection of lost things. The story flips between past and present and tells the story of the repercussions of Peardew’s final wish.

The Keeper of Lost Things is littered with wonderful stories about the items and how they have been lost. Hogan certainly has a flair for writing vivid prose. We adored these sections and reflecting on the stories behind seemingly lost insignificant items like a missing jigsaw piece and a hair bobble.  It’s a whimsical and touching book that is full of heart but is in my opinion a tad too predictable. A perfect holiday read that isn’t too heavy!