Space Clearing: How To Rid Your Home From Negative Energy In A Few Easy Ways.

Clearing your home or work place is just as important as clearing your own energy. The space we live in and work in greatly influences our energy levels and we intern effect them. People often move house and feel the energy of the house is a bit off or people do not like a particular meeting room at work. Often a build up of energy can leave you feeling like you want to avoid being left alone in certain rooms. Perhaps accidents  keep happening or the pipes keep leaking. Even general low mood can all be because your space needs to be cleared. Sometimes it is not just the person who is carrying unwanted energy but the place they live in or work in. This can make people feel drained, unwell and emotional. Space clearing is integral to keeping yourself vibrating in a more positive way.

Reiki has the high frequency that any negative matter cant stand, so it helps to be attuned (or know someone who is ).

But there are simple ways to get your house cleared, feel good and start attracting abundance and good fortune into your work place or family home.


•      First things first you need to physically clean the space you are intending to energetically clean (and we all know that a nice clean room feels great anyway)

•      You need to begin in an upstairs room ( or the furthest room in your house) or space and systematically work your way through room by room and down to the back door (or front if you don not have one).

•      In each room you want to send white light to every corner of the space, visually seeing it brighten the dark (do not skimp-every corner)

•      Use the smudge stick or Palo Santo to burn and waft the smoke in the corners you have just white lighted, let the smoke explore the room( you will need something to catch the ash)

•      I find using vibration or sound particularly successful, the pitch really changes the feel to a room.

•      If there is a certain room you are having problems with I suggest you use salt around the perimeter and use frankincense. These are too pure for any malevolent energies to contend with. You want to sweep the salt in to the centre of the room and out the back door (again if you have one).

•      Work through the house and out towards the door- include bathrooms and cupboard space too!

•      Crystals,regardless of size have a fantastic diluting quality. These are great after you have finished the space clearing. You can charge these in the sun or moon and place in rooms that you feel need an extra boost. I always burn a candle, the light burns away the dark. 

Ultimately intention will be the true force here. Space clearing really has a fantastic effect on everyone living or working in that environment. If anything untoward presents itself, never be fearful- it is just energy- OR get your local Tera-Mai Reiki witch to pay you a visit.

Article Written by Dot Winter.

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