How, Where And Why Is Energy Stored.

Once the concept of energy has been explored and accepted it is then important to look at why a build up of energy could be a problem. Energy can be stored from an experience or from an ongoing experience but if it is stored for a long time it builds up and can effect us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Energy naturally migrates to areas of the body which hold a weakness to that particular person, and often to areas which represent an emotional link. For example I often work with clients who have lots of energy sitting around their throat area which causes sore throats or has caused long term thyroid issues. The client often feels unable to communicate how they feel, or have grown up within an environment which wasn't safe to or frowned upon to do so. The life you have lived, your life style and your belief system directly effect how you transmit and absorb energy and therefore greatly ifluences where energy will go to. In a treatment these particular clients are having that energy removed from their throat area and this frees the pressure and encourages conversation. The client then begins a self reflection process because it is always important to share the meaning of what an area of the body represents energetically speaking.

Energy is stored in our body in a physical way and around our body in our auric field. There are layers to our auric body, a bit like an onion and each layer represents a different layer of you. To keep it simple for now, lets say there is the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the karmic body. Eventually too long a stay or too much build up in one area will create disharmony and illness in the body.

In the work I carry out, clearing the aura is intrinsic to the the treatment of the client. I use a clawing technique to work up through the Auric layers and down the body, discarding any pockets of dense energy in to my β€œbin”. This frees up the auric field around the client and allows for new energy to filter down, which then can be cleared in this treatment or the next one.

What are Chakras?

There are 7 established chakras on the human body (there are more) but the best way to think of them is energy zones in areas of the body. I personally see them as whole areas as I think it translates better when looking at over all health.

The best way to visualise them is to see spinning wheels. If they are spinning fast then they are open and working efficiently. If they are spinning slow then they are having to work hard and therefore it is an area of concern and if they are not spinning then they are certainly blocked.

Personally I find it useful when treating people to use the chakras as an emotional map or guideline, each area of the body will be under a chakra name and they all have relationships with the emotional, mental and karmic body of the aura. 

Here is a basic Chakra 101

Base- Bottom of back, it is our root, represents our security in the world, family and home. Dis-ease associated with this area are things such as immune system, sciatica and depression.

Sacral-naval area, sexual organs, pelvis and bladder, represents blame, guilt and control. Dis-ease associated with this area gynaecological problems and urinary tract.

Solar plexus-stomach, liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen, represents our self esteem, fear, personal honour and repressed emotions. Dis-ease associated with this area are gastric issues, diabetics and eating disorders.

Heart- Circulatory, lungs, shoulders, arms, thymus, immune system. Represents love, forgiveness, self forgiveness, grief, hope, soul. Dis-ease associated here are asthma, upper back and shoulders pain.-

Throat- Thyroid gland, mouth, oesophagus and represents communication, speaking ones truths, being hears, truth. Dis-ease associated with here are sore throats, mouth ulcers and thyroid problems.

Third eye- Brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose and represents self evaluation, emotional intelligence and intuition. Dis-eae associated with this area strokes, neurological issues, seizures.

Crown- Muscular, skeletal, skin represents trust, life, ethics and values and spirituality. Represents spiritual crisis and dis-ease associated such as energetic disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

 Article Written by Dot Winter.

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