7 Quick Ways To Organise Your Wardrobe And Keep It That Way!

For many of us, our wardrobe is far more than just a piece of large heavy furniture. But let’s face it - quite often it can be challenging to keep it tidy & organised. If you struggle to see through a massive pile of clothes and you feel anxious every morning just by a thought of choosing your daily outfit, here are some simple, quick, yet very effective ways to organise it.

1.    Declutter– you can spend a while decluttering but if you are tight for time, one easy way is to turn around all your hangers in your wardrobe so the hooks are pointing towards you, and when you wear something, put it back with the hook pointing the normal way. In six months (or so), donate any items still hanging on a hook facing the wrong way.  

2.    Categories your clothes according to the season– the clothes you currently don’t use can be stored in the air-tight storage box either up in the loft or under the bed. For example, thick wooly sweaters are not needed during the hot summer days and therefore there is no need for them to take up much needed space in the wardrobes. The same goes for your favourite summer dress in cold January!

 3.    Choose the right hangers– Did you know that such a simple thing as choosing the right hangers can make a huge difference to the whole wardrobe?! I have to admit, I am a big fan of wooden hangers - they are classic, stylish and can make any wardrobe look million times better! But because they are bulky, they end up taking up lots of space. So, bearing in mind I am a Professional Organiser and maximising the available space is one of my priorities, I always choose the slimline non-slip velvet ones for the light-weight clothes such as blouses and keep the wooden, sturdier ones for coats & suits.

  4.    Fold your clothes vertically – instead of creasing sweaters, T-shirts & jeans to be flat, and stacking them on top of each other, fold them vertically instead. Ideally, fold them in a way that allows them to ‘stand on end’. Then, line them up in rows in the drawers; from the front, to the back. This allows you to look inside your drawers and see everything without digging through everything!

5.    Boxes – whether you choose plastic ones or classic cardboard boxes, they are perfect for storing your underwear and socks. Wicker baskets come in handy too as they keep your junk out of sight but they look chic on open shelves too!

6.    Label Label Label– every box, basket and drawer, so you know where everything is at all times. You will have a better overview and finding something won’t be a problem either!

7.    Avoid storing bits & bobs in your wardrobe – don’t stuff your wardrobe with unnecessary things which don’t belong there. Soft teddy bears, books, paperwork, gift and other useless stuff are only dust catchers taking up the valuable space, which can be used for your clothes.

Written by Daniela Hughes Francisty

Daniela is the owner of iOrganise – Professional Decluttering & Organising by Daniela. Asa declutter expert and professional organiser, she is on mission to help people clear out clutter and regain control over their living spaces. Based in Tonbridge, she helps people simplify their lives and create order in their homes, in order to achieve the end goal of a calm, functional home and a focused mind. For more info:


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