Three Tips To Bring Mindfulness Into Your Business

You know that feeling when you get to the end of the week, a friend asks how your week has been and to be honest… you just can’t remember?! So often we let life pass us by in a blur.  We get stuck in a routine, we have so much focus on our business, work/life balance and what everyone around us is doing, that we forget to be present in our own life and this can have long term effects on your business.

Today I want to share some tips with you of how to bring mindfulness into your business so that you can create space for you to grow, for ideas to nourish and celebrate the successes you have.  All too often we are on that hamster wheel, running around without really letting our feet touch the ground and being grounded and practicing mindfulness can help boost your business success. 

When we increase our awareness in the present moment we become more active in our experiences and ultimately this will allow us to lead more fulfilling lives.  This doesn’t just have to come down to mediating every day and having a ‘miracle morning’ routine.  There are small changes you can make and little tips to embrace to increase your awareness and have a sprinkling of small moments of mindfulness into your day. By being more mindful in your day you should find that you will worry less, be more focused and sped your energy on things that truly matter to you and your business. 

Clear the space.

Before you start the working day take time to ‘clear the space’.  Anxiety and nervousness come into play when we have no access to our “thinking brain”. When you want to have a successful day, work hard on a project in your business or simply get into the work frame of mind after a lovely weekend this is a really great too.

Close your eyes and take a nice deep breath in

            -Notice what is going on in your mind

Continue to take some nice deep breaths

            -Identify any emotions that are coming up in your thoughts - name that emotion

Continue to take some nice deep breaths

            - ask the brain a question; “what is this feeling I am feeling” - level that emotion

Now see the label in front of you and then see it dissolve

As you continue breathing chemicals in your brain will help you relax, cortisol will dissolve the emotion you are feeling.  This allows the prefrontal cortex our “executive brain” to open up and operate properly.  You should find the you are able to think clearer now 

You can also practice this before a big meeting, after working on a long project or as you move onto a new piece of work.

Use the ACT Model

I love this simple model from Tim Gallwey for really gaining clarity in your business and making sure you are mindfully making decisions

The ACT model stands for Awareness, Choice, Trust.

Studies have shown that individuals with high self awareness tend to live happier and more fulfilling lives. That’s because being self aware brings several powerful benefits. Mostly this surrounds the concept of finding and expressing your authentic self and being trusting your own path. 

The Awareness of your habits and the reasons surrounding them already brings you into the present moment and brings you into a mindful state in your business.  Try using this model when you have a difficult decision to make.  Be aware of the options you have and how you feel about them.  Then bring in Choice - once we are aware of all the options and how we feel about them we have a choice. We always have a choice, our natural inclination and our habit is to go for the most obvious and easiest of choices when often there are others; so explore all options.

Finally there is Trust.  Trust yourself, trust those around you and trust the process. You need to be in tune with your authentic self and have trust in yourself and ability to make decisions to really be chance your business and this mindful method helps to really offer you space to explore this. 


How many tabs do you have open on your laptop or computer right now? How many different files are open?  Then take a look at your phone, how many apps have you left open, ready to click into with one swipe?

Having only one browser open at a time is a super easy way to bring mindfulness into your business, concentrate the mind and allow for focus.  Work on one task at a time, the concept of multitasking is not the answer, in fact it can do more damage for your productivity than be a benefit to your business. 

Consider time-blocking designated periods to check your email, how about putting an out of office on that informs people you only check your email twice a day - release the pressure of always being answerable to everyone and this will allow you to be more mindful about each task at hand. 

If you find it hard to switch between projects or tasks or ‘get in the zone’ to get work done, try to use prompts.  It could be putting on a new playlist for that project or task or brewing a cup of coffee of tea in-between tasks.  Prompts tell our minds o focus on a particular task and these small tasks in-between larger ones can help the mind switch on and off and then be able to focus more on key piece of work because you have had a mindful break. 

You may not have an hour in your day to meditate, journal, or practice a specific routine.  However, building mindfulness into every daily activity will eventually allow it to become second nature and be an activity that I hope allows you to have more focus, be more calm and create more success in your business. 

Rachel Letham is a successful business and career coach who works with clients to share the tools they need to lead more fulfilling lives and careers. Rachel helps clients build their a positive mindset for success, gaining clarity in their direction and purpose in business and their careers.  Rachel writes regularly to her network on the power of self care in supporting day to day life and has launched the self care survival kit deck to help bring self care to the masses. 


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