So What Is Reiki And What Are Its Benefits?

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together” Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars.

To understand Reiki, you need to first get to grips with energy. Energy is everything. It is in us, the space between us and every living thing, it encompasses all life. The energy that we hold within us or around us can possess a catalogue of emotion, dis-ease and karmic clutter. Energy does not lie. We can sense it on another person by their mood for example or we can feel it in a room after an argument has taken place. We can also feel it on ourselves by how we hold our energy. It is when energy gets collected in dense patches that causes mental, emotional or physical dis-ease in the system and needs to be removed.

If you imagine energy as a radio station, a Reiki practitioner tunes into a particular FM. They have been attuned to that energy frequency and use it to channel through their hands on, over or through another person, animal, object- infact any living thing! A practitioner can send energy, remove energy and manipulate energy in present time, into the past and across vast distances.

The type of Reiki and the lineage that is practised will effect the method, technique and quality of the practitioner. It will also dictate their belief system in regards to how and who first discovered Reiki. The most well known and mainstream Reiki lineage (Usui Shiki Ryoho) believe that it was founded and created by Dr Mikao Usui or Usui Sensei. He was a Japanese man who had a series of en-lighting experiences,who learnt how to receive and heal using Reiki and went on to pass this information on by teaching and giving others the gift via attunement.

Reiki healing is used as a treatment method for a variety of different ailments. The practitioner uses Reiki energy to facilitate healing at a deep level by working through the Auric field, the chakras and other energy healing techniques to remove, clear and clean stuck or blocked energy and channel pure higher vibrational energy it to the body system.

I often know I am carrying too much energy when my shoulders hurt. I am aware that this means I am holding or carrying too much energy there.

Benefits of a Reiki treatment are vast, but here are some:

•     Removing built up energy

•     Re-energising

•     promoting deep relaxation

•     Aid sleep

•     Supports change

•     comforts after trauma, grief and difficult life moments

•     eases physical pain

•     Encourages emotional release

•     Helps to clear the mind

Reiki is a wonderfully comforting alternative therapy that works fantastically in combination with other therapies as it is very peaceful and gentle.

I have been working with energy for eight years. I originally trained and worked with Usui Reiki before converting to Tera-Mai™. Tera-Mai™ uses the elemental Earth healing, the energies of fire, water and air. It is a profound ancient, healing energy that focuses on cleaning the client by clearing the clients time-line, cutting-ties to toxic people and memories, releasing repressed emotions and removing implants. Treatments utilise many clearing techniques such as mental clearance and emotional clearance and use tools including breath work, affirmations and colour.

 The emotions we feel in reaction to life events, trauma or in our childhood store in areas of our body. Behind our knees in our gut for example and within the aura. It is normal to express emotion at the time of a life event but it is when the energy felt at that time remains and does not leave. Tera-mai™clears time-lines and therefore helps people explore the triggers, the attachment to a life event and frees that person from the emotion they carry with themselves.

Tera-mai™ helps to clear Karmic debt, ancestral debt and thoughts and beliefs that have been handed down through generations and life-times.

Tera-mai™ has been really useful for people wishing to cut ties with the past. It is really grounding and supportive with those suffering grief and very peaceful for those experiencing anxiety.

Regardless of age or gender I believe Reiki healing is a non invasive, powerful tool to clear, unblock and kick-start transformation.

Article Written by Dot Winter.

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