5 Steps To Spring Clean Your Mindset For Business Success

Now is the perfect time for a good spring clean and when I say that I mean of mind, body, soul and yes your desk!  In order to run a good business you need to have the right mindset and it is surprising how much a good spring clean of your house, your desk and your technology can have on the success of your business. 

A good spring cleanse and starting the summer months ahead with a clean slate, allows space for creativity, new ideas, and growth. Making room for new is so important when you want to be boosting your business success. 

Here are my five steps to spring clean your surroundings to gear up for a successful business season: 

  1. Clean your desk. Having a cluttered hall table, desk in your office or kitchen table might not seem to much of a bad thing, we all have it right? However, clutter in your house, that you see everyday, that you walk past or add to - it can cause clutter in your mind too.  This weekend why not take time to de-clutter the room in which you work or even better still the desk that you run your business from. Think of all the energy we waste in feeling frustrated and overwhelmed every time we see a messy kitchen table (I know I do) or when we open 'that' drawer in your desk or the pile of important paperwork that might be mounting up underneath it. By having a clear space around us, our head feels clearer.   Cleaning and organising your working spaces lets you enjoy a tidier and more organised environment and this can relieve stress, allowing you mental space for creativity to thrive. Physically clean up your tech too - let’s not even talk about the germs that will be there. Always turn off and unplug your tech when you’re doing this. Clean your screen and the exterior, as well as the keyboard. I recommend, regular little cleanses with antibacterial wipes (that aren’t dripping liquid!) as a good way to keep your workspace and tech clean year round.

  2. Put something new up. A fresh view and approach can make all the difference in reframing your day to day activities.  Have you been staring at the same four walls when working on your business?  How about printing out some inspirational quotes and putting them up around your desk, office or even in the hallway so you see them as you walk down the stairs each morning. I also like to change the wallpaper, desktop background and screensaver that I have on my computer and my phone; it’s surprising how often you see them every day - think about how many times you grab your phone! How about putting an inspirational quote or a picture that makes your heart swell every time you see it, as the background on your phone - nothing like a little subtle motivation every day!

  3. All ideas into a new notebook and out of your mind. One for the stationery junkies out there like me! This is a great reason to have some new notebooks, journals or notepads on order.  There is nothing like a fresh notebook to write this month or this season’s new goals, ideas and desires in. Journaling is an amazing way to free your mind of all those wonderful ideas you are keeping in there - there is nothing better than having a blank page to write these out, whether this is in scribbles, a to-do list or a neat mind map.  A new notebook, a cup of your favourite drink and some time to yourself, allows for some great time to think about how you want to develop your business. Get a clear image in your mind about what is going on for you at the moment. I like to think of how satisfied do I feel out of ten? With zero being not at all, and ten being the epitome and where you want to be. Spend a few moments thinking about the current position, write your satisfaction level out of ten in your notebook and write down any thoughts or feelings that come to mind when you reflect on it.  How can you get to 10 out of 10

  4. Organising your electronic filing system. I talked before about clearing the desk and cleaning the technology you use to reduce the clutter; how about actually going through and having a good sort out.  Know where everything lives on your computer and spend less time looking for things.  Create folders for all the important files you use regularly in your business; Quotes, Contracts, Client Invoices, Paid Invoices, Social Media. Go through the files on your Desktop and Documents and get rid of repeats or successive copies of the same thing.  Move everything to the folder to which it belongs, and clear out everything in the Downloads folder. - It may not seem much but when it’s easier to find things, your mind feels less cluttered and ready to do more productive things! 

  5. New routine for spring. Step outside your comfort zone and do something new this Spring.  If you are driving to an office, take a new route to work - get out of the auto pilot that you have created for your journey, it’s amazing what new things you notice. Be bold and try a new coffee in the morning rather than your regular latte or flat white.  Coffee is coffee right, it has the same effect.  By mixing up your order you are breaking out of your comfort zone, stretching into the learning zone and this is when you grow.  It might seem like a simple thing to change but it is allowing new neural pathways to open in your brain and will open your mindset for growth and new opportunity. How else can you mix up your routine this season to bring a bit of freshness to day to day life, make it exciting again and boost your energy so that you can boost your business?

Rachel Letham is a successful business and career coach who works with clients to share the tools they need to lead more fulfilling lives and careers. Rachel helps clients build their a positive mindset for success, gaining clarity in their direction and purpose in business and their careers.  Rachel writes regularly to her network on the power of self care in supporting day to day life and has launched the self care survival kit deck to help bring self care to the masses. 

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