I'm To Busy Raising My Kids To Make Time To Sustain A Future For Them

Embarrassingly this is the hard truth behind what I was feeling about climate change.

Let me set the scene a little bit before I go on. I single handedly run this magazine, I’m the editor the distributor, the designer, the sales team and everything in between. I also have a second business which requires just as much time and devotion. I have a two year old son, and since he was born I’ve worked nights building these businesses so I can spend my days with him. Now pregnant with my second I’m becoming increasingly aware that being to busy raising my kids to sustain a planet for them to inhabit when they grow up isn’t a good enough reason to do nothing anymore.

When I started looking into what I could do to reduce not just my own but my families impact on climate change I’ll be honest, I was worried about how much we would have to ‘sacrifice’ to make a difference. The options seemed to be, go vegan, stop using my car, electricity, gas, plastic, the list goes on. This all sounded extremely daunting, overwhelming and time consuming. I think if we’re all as brutally honest with ourselves as I’m being right now the reason we are doing nothing about climate change is because we don’t have time / don’t want to dramatically just our life styles. Am I right? Well I have a better solution.

In my early twenties I was chatting to a friend of mine who is Vegan. I have the somewhat advantage that Ive never really liked meat, so Ive alway been veggie or eating the odd bit of meat here or there when I fancied it so Vegan dosnt’t seem as drastic to me as it may to others. I remember saying to her “I could be Vegan but I love cheese to much” Her response….. “So be Vegan and just eat cheese” I didn’t really understand. How can I be Vegan but still get to eat cheese? Was there some kind of Vegan loop hole for cheese lovers?! Turns out what she was actually saying was “Just do what you can” Now wouldn’t it be great if we could apply this concept to climate change!?

Well this is exactly what Ive done and what Im suggesting that if like me you are overwhelmed by the research required, the change in lifestyle and the time It’s going to take to put more thought into purchases then I urge you to just do what you can. Quite often I find that with big changes it can be really overwhelming to think about all the things you’ve got to adjust, so taking it little by little is a great way to start.

Here are a few really simple easy things you can do to start making a big impact right now:

  • Swap to a green energy supplier. The largest contributor in climate change is burning fossils fuels. Fossil fuels are used to power our homes, our cars etc. It took me all of about five mins to do swap. There are lots of green suppliers, a quick Google search will give you a list to choose from. I went for Bulb and received a refer a friend discount where you receive £50 if you’d like to sign up to: bulb.co.uk/refer/hopem2886 

  • Take bags, I ALWAYS forget!! So I now have them stashed in the car, in my handbag, in the pushchair. Anywhere I will make sure I use them. Also buy ones you love! There are so many options and buying a design that you love will make you more likely to pick it up when leaving the house.

  • Go Vegan but still eat cheese! If the idea of going vegan is a hard no then why not just swap a few products out for vegan alternatives? I like to call them easy swaps, things that you don’t mind swapping. So for me Its milk, I go for almond milk as I actually prefer it. If that’s not your bag there is Oat, Soy just check it out next time you go shopping. Ive swapped yogurts, Ive decided to cut out meat compltley as I wasn’t eating much anyway. For my husband (Who would live off meat if he could) He’s reduced this rather than cutting it out entirely.

  • Think about plastic. This one for me is the hardest, simply because it is everywhere!!! But again some little swaps are a good place to start. I have made a conscious effort not to buy water when Im out anymore, this is something I did constantly. Ive got a reusable bottle for myself and my son that I now take everywhere. My next mission is to buy all my fruit and veg from farm shops and take my own bags, I was shocked at how much plastic I purchased just by buying veg that was wrapped in it at the super market! Great shops locally to me are Locality Tunbridge Wells, Groombridge Farm shop (Although under a refurb at the moment, some produce can be purchased from Langton Pavilion Cafe) and Fullers Farm shop

  • Drive less. Can you walk shorter journeys and ditch the car? Car share? Use public transport? Car free Friday? What ever works for you, make it achievable and that way you’re more likely to stick at it.

  • Use less energy. I plug my phone in to charge every night. It stays on charge until I wake up in the morning. I thought nothing off this until I realised this is completely idiotic. Firstly my phone dosnt’t need to be on charge that long and secondly its a huge waste of energy. This is a simple easy thing I can do to use less energy. Drying my washing outside, turning lights off religiously (Im great at this…. anyone else have their mum to thank for being great at turning lights off out of fear of being yelled at for the hundredth time as a teenager?! )

I think the hardest part in all of this for me has been creating new habits. Pausing to think about my purchases, actions and consequences. Creating enough head space to be able to think clearly and not giving myself too much of a hard time when I forget. There is a ton of info out there but here are a few links I found useful when looking into climate change:

The Basics

The Evidence

Good Old Wikipedia

If you’re a Kent based business doing something to reduce the impact of Climate change then get in touch I’d love to know more: Info@supportlocalpopup.co.uk

Now go forth eco warriors, let’s take responsibility for our actions and create a future that still exits for our children.