Why Your Preschooler Will Trinity Theatre

Yesterday we went to see Twirlywoos Live! If you haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting a Twirlywoo yet I’ll do my best to explain what they are……. a giant marshmallow type creature with a spinny device on their head so they can fly away, the Twirlywoo family consist of: Great Big Who (Dad) Toodaloo (Mum) Chickadee and Chick (The kids)

After my experience with taking my two year old to the Panto at Christmas and a dreadful cinema trip a couple of weeks back, I was very sceptical as to how “Spooky” he would find it and whether we’d last the duration. Nothings worse than paying for tickets to something and leaving ten mins in, or trying to force a screaming toddler to enjoy something you aren’t particularly interested in watching yourself anyway!


Much to my surprise he loved it! The lights were left on most of the time and only slightly dimmed when needed, the sound was low and the actors engaged with the audience, bringing ‘quaky birdS’ into the audience and making a conscious effort to engage with every child there. Bubbles were blown, songs were sung and there was lots of laughter, shouting and pointing from the children.


The simple yet clever set design was changed a couple fo times throughout the performance but the actors even kept the audience engaged during those times! No blacking out the screen or distracting us with a song, I was incredibly impressed with the difference between this performance and one aimed at slightly older children.

Trinity staff were incredibly helpful directing each and every customer to their seats and offering children boosters without being promoted.


Trinity clearly know what they are doing when it comes to entertaining pre schoolers and it was well worth a visit. With lots of events coming up over the next few months why not take the kids to see:

Pongo’s Party Apr 21st

King Midas & Other Greek Myths May 12th

The Very Hungry Caterpillar May 22nd

I am Turtle Jun 2nd

The Wind in the Willows Jun 9th

Trinity Theatre
Church Road
Tunbridge Wells
Kent, TN1 1JP

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