4 Steps To A Better Organised Home

Have you recently looked at your home and thought it could do with a good sort-out? Organising any home can be a daunting process but if you keep your eyes on your end goal, it definitely is very rewarding too! But watch out! It’s very easy to slip from decluttering & organising of the house to transferring stuff from room to room, thinking of the best storage options. But if that’s all you do, you are creating a storage place out of your house, rather than a peaceful refuge where you love spending time. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the storage options available to us – from pretty baskets (my weakness!) to all kinds of boxes, we certainly have a lot to choose from but don’t get carried away and clutter your house even more with them. Yes, they can be very handy but it’s also possible to create more mess by trying to organise more! 

These 4 tips can help you create a better organised home instead of a storage place:

1.  Get your office desk organised– a desk with a laptop, where you do all your emails, pay the bills, write all sorts of notes or where you place your mail every day. We all have a place like this in the house, whether it’s an actual desk or a kitchen counter, you know what I am talking about! And more often than not it’s crying out for our attention. To get on top of it, try and keep things in two categories – things which require your urgent attention and those which can wait a little. Act on the urgent ones ASAP, don’t procrastinate! And don’t wait with the other pile too long either, the quicker you deal with it, the quicker you can file the paperwork and clear the desk!

2.  Endless amount of shopping bags– Hand on heart, who’s got a full drawer of shopping bags? Or even better – a full bag of bags! You know those which we used to get for free in the shops and now we pay for them and use them for the bin? OR even the life bags! How many of these does one family actually need? And you never have one when you need it anyway! I store my life bags in the boot of my car, ready for the shopping trip only to find myself at the till doing a big family shop, realising I have left them in the boot YET AGAIN!!! Having couple of bags is handy but if you’ve got endless supply, recycle or give them to someone who can make a better use of them.

3.  Big boxes, middle-sized boxes, small boxes… - Boxes everywhere!Boxes holding stuff which you might potentially use one day. The fact that you put stuff in the labelled box doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is tidy. Fast forward couple of months, you won’t even remember you’ve got those boxes somewhere, let alone know what’s inside of them. You might think that it’s all nicely organised and put away at first, but some time down the line you will realise that there is even more clutter created, looking like a pyramid made out of boxes! If you do end up putting stuff in the boxes, keep it to a minimum so you know what’s in each box. Anything else can be donated or chucked away!  

4. Out of eyes, out of mind– This rule is NOT to be used while organising your house. Everything, which you no longer need or keep ‘just in case’ – sell it, donate it or bin it! I can guarantee that 99% of times you won’t need it and even if you do end up needing it, you would have forgotten you have it by than or won’t remember where you put it so you buy a new one anyway! You haven’t used it in a long time, what are the chances you will need it any time soon? By keeping it, you only clutter your home even more. No point in storing anything you don’t need regardless whether it’s stored up in the loft, in the garage or in your wardrobe! Get rid of it!

 A friend of mine once talked to me about her home. I could see on her face that her home didn’t bring her joy but rather the opposite – she felt like a slave to her house. She’s got a big house and each room is stuffed with loads of things – from clothes, shoes, toys, books, paperwork and the list goes on… She’s got tons of storage boxes & baskets to keep things categorised and more organised but complained that she can clean all day long and the house still feels a mess at the end of the day! She misses out on family time desperately trying to keep on top of everything! Listening to her for a while, I suggested that I come and help her to get started, suggesting a way to get a system in place for a more organised home. I also told her: “You can keep tidying up all day, every day, in the circle but unless you first de-clutter and reduce the amount of stuff in your home, you will never get on top of it!” And she’s got it! The light bulb moment! I came the following week to help her get started and that’s where her journey to a better organised home began. And she has never regretted getting rid of stuff which weighed her down so much. She feels so much lighter and happier; you can see it in her eyes!

Letting go is more liberating than you know – try it!

Written by Daniela Hughes Francisty

Daniela is the owner of iOrganise – Professional Decluttering & Organising by Daniela. Asa declutter expert and professional organiser, she is on mission to help people clear out clutter and regain control over their living spaces. Based in Tonbridge, she helps people simplify their lives and create order in their homes, in order to achieve the end goal of a calm, functional home and a focused mind. For more info:


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