Seasonal Gardening tips


Apply a little mulch to feed the soil and plants      (Leaf mould or Compost)

Time to divide perennials, by lifting them up, dividing the crown and replant. 

Your first grass cut should be a high level cut to ensure best chance for, health, strength and rigidity for the season. 

Still time to plant bare rooted plants, soft fruit and roses, shrubs or trees.

Great time to lift bulbs that have finished flowering and divide. 


Keep dead heading your roses to encourage full bloom.

Start top cut down your perennials such as lupins, delphiniums and geraniums right back down and they’ll re sprout.

Good time to get rid of strong perennial weeds. like bindweed using a systemic weed killer such as glyphosate

Ensuring plenty of watering for your, perennials, shrubs and trees. Average spending time in an area should be around 10-15mintures to ensure water it reaching the roots.

There’s still time to plant late summer bulbs like gladiolus for very late flowering


Ideal time for pruning Wisteria now It’s finished blooming.

Start to scarifier your lawn removing dead grass, moss and apply fertiliser to improve your lawns appearance for spring.

Great time to prune trees that will improve health and appearance, removing dead or dying branches.

Time to start planting bulbs: like daffodils, tulips, Crocus and hyacinth’s ready for spring

Collect the leaves in your garden to make composted leaf mould.


Leave hydrangeas flowers for frost protection until spring.

Gather up falling roses leaves to stop infection of black spot continuing on.

Plant up winter containers, with: Hardy Cyclamen, Ivy, Skimma and evergreen grasses.

Turn over your compost heaps.

Plant bare root native hedges to encourage wildlife.

Give you garden tools and machinery a good service for the next year. 

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