10 things you can declutter from your kitchen right now!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but organising it takes some planning and thought. And when decluttering & organising my client’s homes, I always start with the kitchen.

First of all, when starting a project, I always keep these questions in mind: 

  • Do I use this?– Yes / No, note that it does NOT say ‘Will I possibly use this one day when…?’ 

  • Is this item extra?– I mean, how many wooden spoons does one family really need? You can always try to borrow items from family or friends (or your lovely neighbours!) for those ‘one-time’ events.

  • Would I buy this again?– Check and then double-check again whether you still love the item and it’s still adding beauty & style to your home or does it just clutter the precious space and you can donate it?

Below are 10 things you can declutter from your kitchen right away. I would suggest you prepare 2 boxes – bin & donate, set your timer to 30 minutes, put on your favourite Playlist and start decluttering! 

  1. COUNTERTOPS– Nothing makes your kitchen look messier than a cluttered countertop! Small appliances, paperwork or even decorations you no longer love – get rid of it all!

  2. ANCIENT FOODin bottles, cans and boxes - I’m not going to give you rules here - you can read dates or just ask yourself if you would really eat or even better - serve it to someone else!

  3. UGLY SOUVENIERS– A gift bought on a trip to Italy 10 years ago can definitely go! It’s all about collecting memories and NOT things after all!

  4. JARS & TUPPER WEAR– You can safely get rid of at least half of the enormous supply you own without even noticing some bits are missing!

  5. COOKBOOKS– Who’s got time for these?? We live in 21stCentury! Use the Internet!

  6. COFFEE MUGS & GLASSES– Recycle anything chipped or broken, donate ones you no longer love and remember, there really is no excuse to keep extra 20+ mugs in your cupboard ‘just in case’ unless you come from a big Italian family and coffee runs through your veins!

  7. BAKING WEAR– Look for any extras, old or unused items – you know that vintage (read old, used & abused!) cake tin sitting in the back of your cupboard, you inherited from your great grandma you never met? Trust me, she won’t care if you recycle it!

  8. KITCHEN GADGETS– Don’t save items for ‘one-day’ – keep only what you use regularly, borrow the rest! Little tip – keep your neighbours your best friends – it’s really handy!

  9. JUNK DRAWER– Don’t worry, we all have it! Look out for things like old batteries, phone chargers, extra cords, candles, tools, office supplies etc. you no longer use and BIN THEM once for all, you never used them anyways!

  10. CLEANING SUPPLIES- Place those bottles that are nearly empty towards the front of your cupboard so you will use them up first; toss those that you no longer use.

You will be shocked to discover how much more energy and motivation for cooking and baking you may have after even a quick 30-minutes session of de-cluttering. 

To jump-start the de-cluttering process or to keep the momentum going, it may be handy to invite a friend in! It’s great to have extra help, support and motivation, especially when you start getting deflated & tired  and need a gentle kick to get you going but also it really helps to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at things and give you that much-needed ‘permission’ to depart with a never-opened wedding present from from your wedding 10 years ago you didn’t have heart to donate and are holding on to it just because it is a gift – even when you hate it! 

Buy a bottle of Prosecco, some chocolates and have fun decluttering with your bestie! 

Written by Daniela Hughes Francisty

Daniela is the owner of iOrganise – Professional Decluttering & Organising by Daniela. Asa declutter expert and professional organiser, she is on mission to help people clear out clutter and regain control over their living spaces. Based in Tonbridge, she helps people simplify their lives and create order in their homes, in order to achieve the end goal of a calm, functional home and a focused mind. For more info: