Spotlight on: Mum's The Word

For those that don’t know, can you tell us what is mums the word and how it all started.

We started Mum's the Word back in 2016 and it came about for a few different reasons. Natalie had just moved back to Tunbridge Wells from London and was on maternity leave from her job in events. She had gone to a few Mum events with a difference in London but couldn't find anything similar in Tunbridge Wells. We are sisters (some people don't realise this but we are!) and we'd always wanted to work together and combine our expertise in PR and Events and we thought why not create our own events for Mums and the rest is history as they say!

Why do you feel it’s so popular?

That's a great question and maybe we're not the best people to answer it! We'd like to think it's because we are putting on events that are a bit different to anything else out there... we invite people to speak who are very inspiring and current (often they've just written a book or set up an amazing business) or for our parties we book relevant comedians like the Scummy Mummies and acts that appeal to Mums and families. Our events also connect people (lots of friendships have been made through Mum's the Word events) as well as inspire and empower women/mums PLUS they are really fun too and we all need some fun in our lives!

You’ve worked with some really well known names, can you tell us a few and have you got anyone exciting lined up. 

We've worked with the Scummy Mummies a lot and we really love those ladies they are brilliant to work with. We've interviewed Giovanna Fletcher about her book Happy Mum, Happy Baby and Melissa Hemsley around the launch of her book Eat Happy. We also really enjoyed speaking with husband and wife - Mother of Daughters (Clemmie Hooper) and Father of Daughters (Simon Hooper) on separate occasions - Clemmie was actually Natalie's midwife when she had her first son. One of our favourite events was with author Megan Jayne Crabbe and Nat Lee AKA Style me Sunday all about body positivity - it was a really emotional event and we think everyone left with a different attitude to their amazing bodies. We've got lots of things in the pipeline for this year but can't disclose any names just yet!

I saw your event with Tommys, there seems to be more and more exposure for Tommys in more recent months, can you tell us more about the event?

We are huge supporters of Tommy's. We were approached by Jess @thelegacyofleo and Elle @Featheringtheemptynest who have both lost babies but have been doing amazing things to ensure that people are talking about babyloss. They wanted to celebrate Tommy's #Togetherforchange campaign and a year of #babylosshour on twitter and bring together bereaved families to listen to a panel discussion and also have an opportunity to meet the incredible Tommy's Midwives team for support and information. We helped facilitate the event - found a venue, helped with promotion and ticketing and helped on the evening. It was an amazing event and it was such an honour to meet so many families, hear their stories, their babies names and discuss how we can all come together for change. We are working with Tommy's again this year and will be collaborating with them to create their annual Awards to be held in London in July 2019, which we are SO excited about.

You host events all over the South East, where are you based and why is it important to cover so many locations?

We are based in Tunbridge Wells and is VERY important to us, but we also host pop up events in Brighton, Whitstable, Guildford and London. We've gone to these locations as people have asked us to - as simple as that. Our events connect people together, friendships are made, business collaborations are formed and we hope that people leave feeling inspired. And as long as it's physically possible we love doing events in lots of different locations and meeting all the amazing Mums and families in different towns.

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