5 Tips For Businesses When Using Twitter

Twitter is a great social media platform for small businesses, here we share our top 5 tips to get you tweeting like a pro.

  1. Use Hashtags. Research shows that tweets with hashtags get 2 x more engagement than those without and are also 55% more likely to be retweeted. Too many hashtags however and your engagement drops. So we recommend using 1-3 well researched, relevant hashtags in each tweet.

  2. Reuse Great Content. These days only a small percentage of your followers are going to see each tweet, so if you have written a great blog post or found an interesting article don’t be afraid to tweet about it again, just try and change the wording and the image if you can.

  3. Set up Twitter Lists. If you follow a couple of hundred people or more on Twitter it’s impossible to keep up with everyone’s tweets.

  4. Join a Twitter Chat. A great way to network and engage with other users on Twitter, as well as help build your following is to join a Twitter Chat. There are lots to choose from and you may find some that are relevant to your industry, but if you’re looking for welcoming twitter chats to get you started we can recommend #MNCHour or #SoulfulPRHour.

  5. Start Conversations. Lots of businesses make the mistake of using Twitter as a broadcasting platform but it’s actually one of the best social media platforms for having conversations. Make sure you are engaging with your audience, liking tweets, replying to messages or mentions and thanking people for retweets.

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BusinessHope Marshall