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As a small business owner I understand the importance of an online presence. But with so much competition online how do you make your business stand out? Search engine optimisation is the process of improving your visibility online and there are lots of ways you can do this for free. 

A bit of gentle coaching goes a long way, which is why I provide workshops, ongoing monthly or weekly support and my most popular service; a website and social media analysis. Within this service I’ll spend two hours looking into your website and then provide you with a detailed spreadsheet including action points to improve your SEO, key search words unique to your business and tips and tricks to improve your ranking. I’ll then spend half an hour with you answering any questions you may have and putting a plan in place for you to go forward and achieve great results. 

Improve your search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your website. Here are my top five tips to get you started. 

1. Name your images. When you save an image to your computer the default name will be something like ‘46893.JPEG’ rename the image and describe its content. This will help it to appear in Google Images and help Google send people to your website when people are searching for the topic the image supports.

2. Create a GMB (Google My business account) This is a free service offered by Google which will allow you to add opening hours , images, post updates, and much more. It will appear on the right hand side of Google when your business is searched.

3. Look up your key search words and include them in your website. Help Google direct your customers to your website by answering the questions they are searching for. 

4. Update your website regularly. This could be by having a regular blog or by including your social media feeds into your website so that every-time you post on social media your website updates as-well.

5. Don’t duplicate / copy content. If you’ve written a blog for someone else’s website keep it there, don’t duplicate the content on your own website. If you do need to have the same content on two different sites make sure its re worded so it’s not the exact same text. Google doesn’t know where to send customers if the content is in two places. 

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