7 Things I keep in My Project Bag

First of all - the PROJECT BAG. Tell me you have one? I started out using a large Zip-Loc bag to carry my current WIP (Work in Progress) with me on my daily commute. Hey, you have to start somewhere! Now, my favorite is the Fringe Supply Co. Field bag. I have 2 and I’m not afraid to admit it. 

Here are a few essentials I always keep with me. 


This probably seems obvious, but you always need scissors. Especially when you’ve finished your project and need to wear it right that minute on the tube or on holiday even though it hasn’t been blocked!


I keep two types with me, the simple rubber ones and the kind that open like a safety pin. I like both, but it depends 

on the project, weight of yarn and if I need the markers for the whole project or will need to remove them part-way through.


I wouldn’t normally recommend a fabric measuring tape, as they stretch over time and can become slightly unreliable, BUT sometimes you need one in a pinch!


I only use circular needles. Most of mine are the interchangeables and I know we’ve all experienced when the cable comes loose mid-row! There’s nothing worse, the wool gets stuck in between the needle and the cable. Always have the little key to tighten your cables with you.


Although we all hate sewing  up and weaving in ends, it has to be done. 


A super small crochet hook, size 2-3mm, has saved my life more than I care to admit. Any dropped stitch, twisted yarn or mistake can be saved by using a crochet hook to grab that stray yarn.

7. PEN

Whether it’s marking a pattern, making notes, or counting rows, a pen is always handy.

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Written By Laura Olley