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Earlier this year you shared a photo of you when your kids were young vs what you look like now. What was the response you received? I think lots of mums with young kids can relate to what you said about not having time to think about your appearance with young children.

I sometimes share my own transformation photos on my social media as a way of reminding people that I am real, and I have also been through a bit of a style journey since having my children.  But perhaps most importantly I hope it demonstrates that I have empathy and can connect with my clients because I get it.  I understand how overwhelming shopping and clothes can be especially when you know you are in a style rut and are not sure how to get out of it. Giving clients a new found confidence with their style and clothes is the most rewarding part of what I do.  And as for the response to my transformation photos...well they are still the most liked and commented on posts in my feed so I think that says it all. 

Tell us a bit more about your business, when did it start?

My styling business ‘Fine Styling’ is over 2 years old now and after starting off very apprehensive about whether or not I would be able to make it work, I could not be loving this journey more. I am doing some amazing things and I get to work with some truly inspiring people.  It’s just so much fun as one day can be totally different to the next.  I feel very proud of what I have created and that I am doing something I truly love.

We saw you working on LFW how did that come about and do you do that often?

The LFW week work comes in through the London College of Style which is where I trained.  They have opportunities for students and grads to work backstage at some of the top designer shows which is amazing.  I have assisted backstage with Paul Costelloe during the last two LFW’s and this time round I am working for them again as Lead Dresser.  Amazing family run brand who I have got to know really well.  Only slight downer is the 6.30am Monday morning call time but that’s all part of the fun too. 
What’s in store for the future?

I’m very excited about the future.  I would like to see myself working a bit more on editorial shoots maybe and perhaps gaining more celebrity clients and working on TV shows. 

What sets you apart from other stylists?

I think that I am what makes me stand out.  One of my strengths is to quickly connect with people and form relationships that helps them to feel at ease when we are together. I’m also not frightened of saying that I am really good at my job, and I think that comes from working hard and being passionate about what I do.   I also feel very strongly about making sure that each client feels very looked if they are my only one.  For example I take the time to add in a few little special touches like a personalised booking pack in the post when a new client decides to use me and a free exclusive Fine Styling canvas shopping bag on shopping trips with me. 

Do you work with women of all shapes sizes and ages?

Yes, I work with all ages and sizes. Anybody can look amazing in clothes.  It’s about knowing what your style is, what suits you and getting the proportion right when putting an outfit together and confidence.  All things that I teach and help my clients to do :)

Any advice for a pear shape ( asking for a friend ;) ) 

Ha ha...for a pear shape the key is to keep the lower half plain, dark coloured and well fitted, and having all the colour, fun and detail on the top half so that you immediately draw the eye to your slimmer upper half and away from a curvier bottom half. Simple style tricks like this can make all the difference. 

What do you think will be in for S/S 2019?

SS19 will see more animal print including Zebra, Tiger and Cow print, along with neutral tonal outfits being huge this spring.  The colour of the year is ‘living coral’ so expect lots of orange in the shops too. 

Fleur McCrone Personal Stylist at Fine Styling 
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