Why you should go green when cleaning your home

We believe a clean home is a happy one. Unlike other cleaning companies we only use plant based products as we find these provide a deeper clean compared to the chemical enriched supermarket brands. 

Did you know the cleaning industry is ranked as the eighth worst cause of water pollution among all industrial sectors due to leakage into the environment,  jeopardising both animal and human health. 

In 2000 the chemicals and toxins released by typical cleaning products where responsible for almost 10% of toxic exposures reported to various poison control centres. In 2001 it was highlighted that tens of thousands of Britons could be at risk of developing chronic health related issues such as the formation of cancer cells and the degeneration of organs. Despite these shocking findings people continue to use them, putting themselves at increased risk. 

In 2017 the University of Bergen, found that people who regularly clean homes have a 14% increased risk of developing respiratory problems over the next two decades. This is why we only use environmentally safe cleaning products which allow us to deliver an outstanding service whilst minimising chemical pollution, air pollution and general waste. With many years of experience in this industry we are sure to leave a smile on your face.

It's time to ditch the chemicals and join us in creating a safer, happier and healthy home. Contact us for a friendly chat about our products, pricing and service. It’s easy going green!

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