True well-being at Kingdom

We caught up with Day One Wellness about their brand new gym nestled in the heart of Penshurst.

A true lover of the outdoors co-founder Pip tells us how she would get “bored to tears in gyms” So what more could a nature lover ask for than, Nature’s Gym at Kingdom. “It’s always been a dream of mine, having an outdoor well-being centre where we could educate people about outdoor exercise, real food and re-connecting to nature. Last summer a friend sent me Kingdom’s crowd-funding page and on a whim, I e-mailed the owners saying; you’re outdoor centre looks great but I think you’re missing a well-being angle. Luckily for me they liked my direct approach and called Tom and I in for a meeting”

So other than their beautiful location what makes Day One Wellness so different from other Personal Training companies? A few years after qualifying as a Personal Trainer Pip started to get frustrated with the short-term fix mentality of the fitness industry so in 2011 Pip sold everything and went travelling with Tom. “Ironically it was visiting different communities and cultures that gave us a real insight to true well-being. We noticed all the happiest and healthiest people we met on our travels all did three things;

The ate locally grown, seasonal real food from the ground (not from packets) 

They worked outside so were active in the sun on a daily basis.

They had a strong connection to their communities and would help others in a heartbeat.”

With so much pressure on staying ‘fit’ it’s refreshing to

hear about a brand that looks at fitness differently. 

“For some of our members fit means being able to walk the stairs unaided and for others, it means completing a marathon! I believe it’s important to stay fit for your life. For me personally, exercise has taught me two of my most valuable life lessons:

The magic happens outside your comfort zone.

The teaching isn’t in the result, it’s in the process.

When asked what makes them different from other fitness brands they answered in one word: Sustainability.  “We couldn’t care less about the latest fads and the body-beautiful tribes on social media. For us and our growing community, true well-being is about developing sustainable lifestyle changes so you can leverage your mental, physical and emotional health - six-packs are then just an added bonus!”

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