The Power Of Merchandising

So what is merchandising? 

It’s working out what you sell, when you sell it, at what price and how to present those sales. Too many times we see small businesses fail through bad pricing decisions – under-pricing and profit gets eaten-up by production costs, or over pricing and sales don’t happen as the market offers alternatives. Flourish Retail recognises that every business is unique and supports and guides them by planning how to generate sales and profit and make realistic decisions through merchandising techniques.

Sarah Johnson, founder of Flourish Retail tells us more about her merchandising business. In 2017, Sarah left an extensive career in retail merchandising to pursue her creative passion and start her own small business. 

Having extensive merchandising knowledge (her employment portfolio includes Arcadia and ASOS) she set out to share the secrets of merchandising with other new and expanding businesses so that everyone can get the most out of their business and make their passion profitable. Flourish Retail offers a full merchandising toolkit, starting with free supportive advice, to tailored templates and calculators that help maximise profit, all the way up to personalised consultancy with Sarah herself. So there is a service to suit every small business at whatever stage of growth it is at.

It is free to sign up to Flourish Retail, become a member and access all of Sarah’s insights. Once a member you can personalise your toolkit to your needs. 

With Sarah’s award-winning knowledge you can help your own business to flourish. 

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